Monday, May 3, 2021

One Portal Fan Turned Their Alexa Into GlaDOS And We Are Here For It

The Portal games from Valve are something truly unique. Forgetting for a moment the ahead-of-its-time physics-breaking game mechanics, this series has some of the most hilariously disturbing dialogue in gaming history. And Schrodinger's cake, can't forget that. But one Portal fan decided to test the limits of A.I. by transforming their Alexa into GlaDOS and we're equally terrified and amused by this development. 

Imagine waking up to the smooth sounds of, "Killing you and giving you good advice aren't mutually exclusive." Yeah. But that's not even the impressive thing: YouTuber Mr. Volt completely recreated GlaDOS in stunning detail, with plating to match that of the in-game counterpart. Does it sing about murder? Sure! Will it help you feel better about any and all life decisions? Doubtful. Still, as a massive Portal and Portal 2 fan, I can't help but to be insanely impressed by this creation; and also very jealous that I don't have one. 

Take a look for yourself to see Alexa transform into GlaDOS with step-by-step instructions on how this was created: 

Click here to watch embedded media

The creator also added timestamps, so if you want to bypass the lore behind GlaDOS and design updates, you can skip right on over to the 4:32 marker where "GlaDOS wakes up." Because that doesn't sound terrifying. At all. 

Since it's likely that we'll never get a Portal 3 (though the companion comic was pretty awesome, if I do say so myself), we've got a few other ways you can keep the Portal love alive and well in your heart: 

Mr. Volt has an impressive library of creations just like this. You can visit the rest of his channel right here

So? What did you think about Alexa's transformation into one of the coolest villains in sci-fi gaming history? Would you want your very own GlaDOS in your house? Judging your every move, listening in at all times? If so, please get help (and also, you're not alone). 

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