Friday, May 28, 2021

Fornite Unites With Mistborn For Unexpected Crossover

Fortnite continues to surprise in the most unexpected of ways, this time with a crossover event with Brandon Sanderson's ongoing Mistborn book series.

Starting today, players can dive into Fortnite's battle royale shop to add Mistborn's Kelsier to their ranks. This cloaked assassin wields a volcanic glass dagger, and players can choose whether he wears his black attire or his masked, white undercover variant. The purchase also adds the Hemalurgic Spikes Back Bling, and a Kelsier-themed loading screen.

Sanderson has penned seven different Mistborn books, and has announced plans to release four more. The next novel, Mistborn: The Lost Metal, is slated to release in December 2022. Sanderson has also projected release dates for the next trilogy of books, landing in 2025, 2026, and 2027. We'd love for George R. R. Martin to adopt a similar schedule so we could know what year (or decade) his next Song of Ice and Fire book is on the way.

Sanderson has worked with Epic Games' Donald Mustard in the past. He wrote two novellas based on Chair's excellent mobile Infinity Blade games. The Infinity Blade weapon of note appeared in Fortnite for a short stint before being vaulted on December 14, 2018. It can now be found in Creative mode.

For players that subscribe to the Fortnite Crew, the heavily armored Mecha Cuddle Master will be added to the pack this June. She comes with the Psytronic Bow Back Bling, the Nuzzle Jet Pickaxe (which shoots out a flame), and a Cuddle Mech Wrap.

What crossover event would you like to see happen next in Fortnite? Epic Games has delivered a steady drip of characters from Star Wars, Marvel, and DC Comics, and has also looked to popular movies to add The Predator and Terminator to the mix. It's fair to assume this summer's theatrical blockbusters have a good shot of being represented. Marvel's Black Widow seems like a slam dunk, but I also wouldn't be surprised if F9 (Fast & Furious 9) is represented in some way.

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