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Valheim: Improve Your Performance by Enabling the Vulkan API

Learn how to enable to Valkan API in Valheim in order to increase your FPS and fix other game-related GPU crashes.


Complete the Sapporo Requests Easily With This Persona 5 Strikers Guide

Looking to complete a certain request in Sapporo in August? This guide can help you find what you're looking for.


Google Stadia Reports Detail Internal Troubles, 'Millions' Spent on AAA Ports

Multiple reports have come out detailing Google Stadia's troubles that include everything from internal struggles on the development team to "tens of millions" of dollars spent on AAA games like Red Dead Redemption 2 to  development roadblocks created by Google itself. Bloomberg reported that, despite all the hype built up by Google for Stadia's reveal, gamers around the world were disappointed. This led to a lackluster launch and Stadia is said to have "missed its targets for sales of controllers and monthly active users by hundreds of thousands." Not even games from some of the best publishers like Ubisoft and Take-Two Interactive Software could help turn the tide for Stadia. Those games didn't come cheap either, as sources from Bloomberg say it cost "tens of millions" of dollars to bring games like Red Dead Redemption 2 to the platform. [ignvideo url=""] Wired also share some of the struggles at Stadia that ultimately led to the closure of Google Stadia's internal studios. Many of these issues stemmed from Google creating roadblocks for these employees who were trying to staff up to build AAA games. Google is known for its long and involved hiring process that can take anywhere from six to nine months. On top of that, Google had to change its hiring standards as it was looking to bring in game developers and hadn't traditionally hired for those positions. While there were around 150 employees impacted by the closure of Stadia's internal studios, two sources had said the goal was to bring in over 2,000 over five years. Above and beyond hiring concerns, sources discuss that "Stadia's game development process felt stapled on." Many of the developers felt that "Google wasn't funding games to sell games; it was funding games to sell Stadia." [ignvideo url=""] Instead of giving the devs the freedom to truly create what they wished, they were told to "design prototypes that showcased Stadia technology like Google’s cloud computing capacity or State Share." These issues were undoubtedly frustrating, but many felt secure in their positions at Google, with high paychecks and what felt like little fear of being laid off, which can be a rampant problem at other studios. Then the COVID-19 pandemic began. Following the start of the pandemic, Google implemented a hiring freeze for all departments except a "small number of strategic areas where users and businesses rely on Google for ongoing support, and where our growth is critical to their success.” Gaming was not one of these areas. “If the company was OK putting us on a hiring freeze, they were also OK with damaging our ability to build content,” says one source. “The studio was not yet fully formed and ready to produce games. That put on the brakes, and was a statement. We interpreted it as a lack of commitment from Google to make content.” [ignvideo url=""] In late January, Google's vice president of Stadia and GM Phil Harrison e-mailed employees and praised the platform's technology, and said that "Stadia Games and Entertainment had made 'great progress building a diverse and talented team and establishing a strong line up of Stadia exclusive games.'" Five days later, Harrison gathered the employees and let them know the internal studios were shutting down. VGC reported on a few of Stadia's possible cancelled projects and proposals, and one of them was allegedly an episodic horror game from Kojima Productions. That particular proposal was said to have been "blocked by Stadia GM Phil Harrison last year." Another was said to be from Shenmue's Yu Suzuki. A sequel to Journey to the Savage Planet was also said to be in the works by the team formerly known as Typhoon, and a multiplayer action game codenamed Frontier was being developed and was led by former Splinter Cell and Assassin's Creed: Syndicate producer Francois Pelland. [widget path="global/article/imagegallery" parameters="albumSlug=all-2021-games-with-confirmed-release-dates&captions=true"] A Google Stadia spokesperson responded to VGC's story, saying that it does not "have anything, nor have announced anything, with Kojima or Yu Suzuki." "We talk to partners all the time in situations that don’t result in a project or even a proposal," The spokesperson said of the alleged Kojima project." This is very common. Speculating that two parties that speak regularly in this industry leads to proposals or otherwise, is inaccurate.” Even though Stadia's internal studios have been closed, Google has reassured those that own Stadia that the platform will get "more than 100 games" in 2021. [poilib element="accentDivider"] Have a tip for us? Want to discuss a possible story? Please send an email to Adam Bankhurst is a news writer for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter @AdamBankhurst and on Twitch.


Call of Duty Zombies: How to Complete All Dark Ops Challenges in Outbreak

Whether it's completing world events, opening a set number of chests, eliminating Zombies, or even Exfiling, we have you covered in our complete Dark Ops challenge guide for Outbreak in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.


Animal Crossing: It's Your Last Day to Catch These Bugs, Fish, and Sea Creatures

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Valheim: How to Find Flax


The Sinking City Developer Frogwares Says to Not Buy the Game on Steam

The Sinking City has returned to Steam following its removal across multiple digital platforms, but developer Frogwares has said it did not create this version and that it does not recommend that anyone purchase it. Frogwares took to Twitter to share this update, promising that more news was on the way soon regarding their warning. "Frogwares has not created the version of @TheSinkingCity that is today on sale on @Steam. We do not recommend the purchase of this version. More news soon." The developer wrote. [ignvideo url=""] The Sinking City was removed from Steam, the Epic Games Store, and the digital storefronts of Xbox One and PS4 on August 25, 2020, following Frogwares' legal disputes with publisher BigBen Interactive and Nacon. Frogwares accused these companies of repeatedly breaching contract, withholding at least €1 million in royalties, falsely implying ownership of the IP, and more. During development of The Sinking City, Frogware alleged that BigBen and Nacon would pay for production milestones around 40 days later that agreed upon. Furthermore, these companies demanded that they be given the source code for The Sinking City despite their agreement saying that they could only sell the game and that they did not own the IP. When Frogwares declined, they said BigBen and Nacon stopped providing payments for four months. [ignvideo url=""] Frogwares began a legal battle with BigBen and Nacon in August 2019 over these issues and many more, including concerns over Frogwares' Sherlock Holmes games. The Sinking City, which is inspired by the works of horror writer H.P. Lovecraft, was released in 2019. In our review, we said, "The Sinking City’s creation of a new Lovecraftian vision paired with compelling stories, exciting environments, and memorable characters make for one of the better Cthulhu lore games I’ve played. Its commitment to tastefully updating the storytelling methods, while preserving the setting and tone of Lovecraft shines through the tedium and frustration." [poilib element="accentDivider"] Have a tip for us? Want to discuss a possible story? Please send an email to Adam Bankhurst is a news writer for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter @AdamBankhurst and on Twitch.


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Valheim: How to Get Honey and Craft Your Own Beehives

Typically used as the primary ingredient to craft Mead-based recipes such as Frost Resistance, Poison Resistance, and Stamina-based potions, Honey plays an integral part in your survival during the later stages of Valheim.


Pokemon 25: The Album Set to Feature Katy Perry, J Balvin, and Post Malone

The Pokemon Company has announced that Pokemon 25: The Album will be released in Fall 2021 and will feature Katy Perry, J Balvin, Post Malone, and more. This new album is part of the celebration of Pokemon's 25th anniversary, and J Balvin was confirmed to be joining the project following the global virtual Pokemon music concert starring Post Malone. [ignvideo url=""] During the concert, Post Malone performed a cover of Only Wanna Be With You by Hootie & the Blowfish that was remixed with the Ecruteak City theme from Pokemon Gold and Silver. Katy Perry, J Balvin, Post Malone, and one more surprise guest will each release a song that is inspired by the Pokemon franchise, and each song's release will be joined by a music video and "an exclusive merchandise collection celebrating each artist and Pokemon." There will also be other songs from some of the "buzziest new artists from around the world," and these songs will be released in "very 'Pokemon' ways." [ignvideo url=""] Pokemon 25: The Album will be released by Universal Music Group's Capitol Records later this year and will features a total of 14 songs. This new album is one of the many ways The Pokemon Company is celebrating this 25th anniversary, and follows the reveals of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Brilliant Pearl, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and much more. [ignvideo url=""] [poilib element="accentDivider"] Have a tip for us? Want to discuss a possible story? Please send an email to Adam Bankhurst is a news writer for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter @AdamBankhurst and on Twitch.


CoD Zombies: How to Complete the Dragon Relic Easter Egg in Outbreak

Learn how to complete the Dragon Relic Easter Egg in Call of Duty's newest Zombies mode, Outbreak.


Call of Duty Zombies: How to Unlock Wonder Weapons in Outbreak Mode

Learn how to unlock the Ray Gun, D.I.E. Shockwave, and even more Wonder Weapons in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's newest Zombies mode, Outbreak.


The Day Before Devs Break Down the New Gameplay Reveal

As part of IGN Fan Fest 2021, the developers behind upcoming survival action game The Day Before, Fntastic, debuted a brand-new look at the brutal, immersive world that awaits players. The new gameplay, which you can watch below, offers a quick slice of life and action in the world of The Day Before, including the fact that not every character you meet has to be a foe. "We at Fntastic believe that during a real post-apocalypse there’ll be lots of wonderful people who help others no matter what, but inevitably there’ll be those who won’t hesitate to use force. We tried to show this human nature in the game trailer," Eduard and Aiden Gotovtsev told IGN via email. Check out an exclusive new trailer: [ignvideo url=""] And while the looks at The Day Before so far have included plenty of tense action, there will be places of safety, namely the Woodberry Survivor Colony, where players "can interact with other players, join groups, talk to some residents, take quests and have fun. We have an idea to make various events inside the colony during the holidays, so that the players get closer to each other and spend time celebrating holidays together." As the new trailer shows, you'll also be able to find brief bits of respite in more hostile territory to camp, sleep, cook, and generally relax before heading back out into a brutal world. As for actual base building itself, the developers explained that classic, resource-based "building a hut out of stones and sticks" is not so much what inspires them as something more akin to Nintendo's Animal Crossing. "In The Day Before, we have the concept of a base different from other MMO survival games. As a hint - we really like the concept in that cute game where there is a greedy raccoon boss," the Gotovtsev's said. The new slice of gameplay is not all a breather for the player, though, as after a quick jaunt outside, they quickly engage in a firefight. But rather than any HUD indicators leading the player to combat, they quite clearly have to naturally take in the world around them, paying careful attention to sound and other environmental clues. "We pay great attention to the sounds in the game to make the game world appear realistic. Based on this, we have abandoned casual HUD indicators, and we are focusing on high-quality surround sound, which is an important part of the credibility and atmosphere of the world," the developers explained. As the combat goes on, the showdown ends in a brutal takedown, a close-range shot to the face after the player has knocked down their opponent. While the developers note finishing moves aren't necessarily new to gaming, they hope they'll add a unique twist to the survival MMO genre.

"The game has multiple choices after the takedown: using different types of finishing moves depending on the weapon, healing and tying up another player. And especially creative players will be able to come up with various other methods: they can down and tie up another player, and then attract the attention of a horde of zombies, who will happily dine [on the character], and so on," they explained.

As for the gameplay's final shot of a mysterious, darkened hall and a doorway, the developers teased that locations like this will "be like a cold show after a boiling hot day." And really, much of what Fntastic is aiming to do is hoping to bring something fresh and unique to the genre.

"It's no secret that [moost survival MMO's] are all built on the sandbox model, when you set goals for yourself and wander around the desert world. In The Day Before, we reinvented everything from the in-game goals to the ways we approach the quality of the game mechanics," the developers noted.

The Day Before currently has no release date, but be sure to check out the original announcement trailer.


Genshin Impact's Hu Tao Revealed

Hu Tao is the spooky 77th director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, presiding over all manner of funeral services in Liyue, and she's coming to Genshin Impact soon. Hu Tao is a polearm wielder and pyro element, so she'll likely take over a spot in your crew that's currently being filled by Diluc or Xiangling. Of course, that's if you're lucky enough to get her out of the gacha. Hu Tao has an adorable little ghost companion that syncs up and synergizes with her core mechanics, which seem to hinge around self-injury for massive damage boosts. Don't worry, Hu Tao can heal herself via regeneration with her skillset as well. Before we dial down into specifics, check out Hu Tao's teaser trailer below!

Click here to watch embedded media

To dig a little deeper, Hu Tao  contains a suite of abilities designed to push out big burst damage. Hu Tao can trade HP for massive attack bonus that converts to fire damage, suitable for triggering elemental effects on your enemies and priming them for a combination attack from another character. The more HP you stack on Hu Tao, the bigger the attack bonus when you hit your "Paramita Papilo State" talent. While Hu Tao is in this state, charged attacks activate Blood Blossom, which is a fire damage-over-time effect on opponents that get hit. If you haven't already figured it out, enemies that have pyro vulnerabilities are going to absolutely crumble under Hu Tao's powers.

Spirit Soother commands her ghost spirit to do incredible fire damage in a giant area-of-effect, and it also heals Hu Tao. In combat, it looks like Hu Tao will take on some risk by leveraging her HP pool to get a ton of power, go in for hefty fire damage, and then unleash hell with Spirit Soother in order to regain the wagered hit points and annihilate everything on the screen simultaneously. This sounds pretty fun, to be honest.

One of the other latest character releases was Xiao, also a polearm weapon user, but in the Anemo (wind) school. Hu Tao somehow appears even cooler than Xiao, but it all depends on what your core party composition looks like and if you have room for a new pyro character. And of course, it will likely depend on whether or not your primogem stash is filled enough to get yourself a Hu Tao whenever her banner drops.

While we don't have a timeframe for Hu Tao's release at the moment, it stands to reason that she'll likely be featured in the next major character banner. It's a little early to say how good Hu Tao will work in most groups, but I like ghosts and fire so I'll probably dump a bunch of primogems trying to pick up a copy. Her constellations are probably going to be the make or break decision for me... If she's a character that can get by on little or no constellation support (acquired by getting multiple copies of a character) then I'll definitely try to acquire one. If she's one of the characters that doesn't excel until they have a lot of constellation points, then I'll probably exercise some restraint and wait to see who's coming next. Hopefully a Dendro character!

If you have no idea what Genshin Impact is or what all the fuss is about, I recommend checking out my review here.

Sci-Fi Survival Game Breathedge Gets April Console Release Date

Breathedge, the comedic sci-fi survival game, is coming to Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch on April 6. Announced exclusively during IGN Fan Fest, a new trailer showed off the game in action, and revealed the new platforms and release date. Check it out below: [ignvideo url=""] Breathedge sees you take on the role of The Man, who was trying to take his grandfather's ashes to a space funeral, and gets caught up in the middle of a conspiracy. It's a familiar mixture of survival, crafting, and lots of death screens – mixed up with some satirical comedy and a seemingly immortal chicken companion. Breathedge saw its 1.0 release on PC this week, after an Early Access period on Steam that saw it receive 91% positive reviews. If your interest's been piqued, we're also able to bring you an exclusive gameplay overview, below: [ignvideo url=""] There's much more to come from IGN Fan Fest - make sure to check out our full Fan Fest schedule for everything we've got for you, from Zack Snyder's Justice League to Deathloop. [poilib element="accentDivider"] Joe Skrebels is IGN's Executive Editor of News. Follow him on Twitter. Have a tip for us? Want to discuss a possible story? Please send an email to


Valheim: All Cheat Codes and Spawn Commands

Whether you're looking to respawn some of your hard-earned items or are simply after something a little more relaxing like creative mode, let IGN guide you through everything you need to know about enabling cheats and using the different console commands that are available to use in Valheim.


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Valheim: How to Summon and Defeat Moder

Whether it's finding the three Dragon Eggs or simply preparing for your toughest battle yet, IGN has you covered in our complete walkthrough for defeating Moder, the fourth boss in Valheim.


CoD Zombies: 10 Essential Tips and Tricks for Getting Started in Outbreak Mode

Whether you're just starting out or simply looking for some helpful tips and tricks, let IGN guide you through everything you need to know about Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's latest Zombies mode, Outbreak.


Bravely Default 2 Beginner's Tips and Guide

Whether you need help with controls, battles, or dungeons, find the tips you need in our Bravely Default 2 guide.


Outriders Review in Progress: Demo Impressions

Since seeing our first hands-on preview of Outriders last summer, I’ve been cautiously optimistic about People Can Fly’s new co-op shooter/RPG. I was disappointed by the latest delay, but as a consolation prize, Square Enix has released the first act on schedule as a demo for us to start forming impressions off of. After spending the last day or so wreaking superpowered havoc on PS5, I’m still not sure whether the final game will end up being the Mass Effect/Destiny/Gears of War mashup I’ve been hoping for, but it’s definitely sold me on the fun of its sci-fi setup.

What I find most engaging about the Outriders demo  – which covers its prologue and first chapter and has kept me going for about six hours so far – is its insistence on more closely resembling a single-player RPG than a “shared-world” shooter in the vein of Destiny and The Division. I may not be able to make huge, story-altering decisions like in a classic BioWare RPG, and they’re still yet to crack the code of making every player the story’s Chosen One simultaneously, but being able to have optional conversations with almost every NPC I interact with and seeing tangible in-world consequences to my actions – like unlocking a new merchant with a permanent discount by completing a side quest – goes a long way toward getting me invested in Outriders’ post-double-apocalypse world.

[ignvideo url=""]

Though maybe “post-post-apocalytic-apocalypse” is a more appropriate way to phrase it, because while the planet our crew of survivors from “Earth that was” land on was originally full of verdant forests and bizarre fauna, by the time the story kicks off in earnest it’s become anything but. The world dubbed “humanity’s last hope” quickly goes awry for our titular customizable character and their friends, and an unexpected lengthy time jump (which is a trope I’ll admit I’m a sucker for) sends things into territory that would make even the maddest of Maxes wince.

Its writing may not win any awards this year, and cutscenes suffer from some unfortunately out-of-sync audio, but it does a serviceable job of moving the story along and endearing its NPCs to you, whether they’re novel takes on established archetypes or making good use of People Can Fly’s affinity for self-aware banter. The latter can create some clashing tones, though. This is clearly a story that wants to address serious themes like humanity’s penchant for conflict and overconsumption, but it also kicks off with a somewhat bombastic attitude that doesn’t really let up, especially in the first chapter showcased in the demo. It sort of feels like hearing someone yell “YEE-HAW” during the somber acoustic part of a country set; it’s not entirely out of place, but it doesn’t quite fit in, either.

[widget path="global/article/imagegallery" parameters="albumSlug=outriders-ign-first&captions=true"]

Similarly, the prologue (and several trailers, too) hinted at a lush and colorful world to explore, but most of what we see in the demo is the drab browns and greys of war-torn lands and refugee camps. Hopefully we’ll see more varied environments and characters in the full release, but for now the majority of the color in the world comes from the flashes of red, blue, and green as you carve your way through each early-game zone with a variety of weapons and special abilities.

[poilib element="quoteBox" parameters="excerpt=Outriders%20is%20very%20clearly%20focused%20on%20the%20DPS%20side%20of%20things."]

Combat is, for the most part, some solid fun – as one would hope since it’s where 90% of Outriders’ gameplay lies. It follows the satisfying (if familiar) formula from other co-op heavy looter-shooters and adds a gory dash of time-bending elemental superpowers for good measure. Gunfights – whether playing solo or with friends – are frenzied affairs that leave battlefields literally coated in blood, and there’s something morbidly hilarious about seeing a whole-ass ribcage rolling through a skirmish like a bony tumbleweed.

In more or less standard fashion, the four classes all boast strengths, weaknesses, and skill sets that will be familiar to anyone with some experience in classed-based action games – though where other squad shooters typically have a variety of roles for players to fill (healer, support, etc), Outriders is very clearly focused on the DPS side of things, at least based on the abilities available in the demo. Yes, the four classes each “fill a role” on the team, but aside from the Devastator’s Golem ability (which effectively just turns on “tank mode”) they’re all in service of how quickly you can reduce your opposition to a sticky red paste. That uniformity may be a turn-off for anybody who really loves to play The Healer or Buffy McBufferson, but it also allows those who opt not to team up with others to feel safe playing as any of the four classes. And there’s a very real possibility that they’ll become much more different as they level up in the full game – there was an entire skill tree that the demo barely scratches the surface of.

[ignvideo url=""]

I spent a decent amount of time exploring on my own as both the tank-ey Devastator and the far squishier Trickster, and found that the combat was balanced as well for one person as it is for a group – the only notable difference being that while I was playing with friends there were a lot more enemies to deal with in each encounter to scale up the challenge. The roster of enemies present in the demo is fairly limited, featuring run-of-the-mill riflemen to melee-focused berserkers and the occasional superpowered miniboss – but they provided enough tactical variety to demand some quick thinking and strategy, especially in larger groups. Aside from some floaty movement and a frustrating lack of clearly climbable (or, perhaps more importantly, non-climbable) objects, I’ve had a grand time-bending earth or using teleportation and stasis powers to chunkify hordes of nameless baddies, and there was something sadistically gratifying in seeing just how ruthlessly one set of powers could crush, incinerate, or straight-up disintegrate enemies when paired with a teammate’s if I was playing with a group.

Thus far, what I’ve played of Outriders might not revolutionize the looter-shooter formula, but it’s a solid take on it and has a good variety of upgrades and perks that mesh well with the chaotic pace of combat and promise some really interesting builds for late-game characters. While the weapons are a fairly standard array of assault rifles, shotguns, and sniper rifles – with some notable inclusions like the “double gun” or more powerful Legendary-tier weapons – the inventory metagame gets more interesting as you collect rarer gear. While “Unusual” (I don’t know why they can’t just call them “uncommon” like everybody else) items have simple passive buffs like additional crit damage or armor piercing, Rare (or better) items often have special perks that can either enhance your class-based abilities or even provide new ones, like generating a protective shield with every hit.

[poilib element="poll" parameters="id=ba57199c-c8dc-4367-b332-7f53303d09e2"]

Similar to other loot grinds, it appears you can either sell or disassemble items to purchase or craft better gear, though the crafting system was offline in the demo. I’m glad that progress from the demo will transfer to the final game when it launches on April 1, though, because I’ve found a winning set: a rifle with the aforementioned shield ability and a preposterously powerful auto-shotgun that restores health with each kill. I hope I can upgrade these bad boys as I reach higher levels and world tiers (which increase both enemy difficulty and loot quality as you level up) in the full game.

[poilib element="quoteBox" parameters="excerpt=%22This%20demo%20provides%20little%20to%20no%20insight%20on%20what%20to%20expect%20from%20Outriders%E2%80%99%20endgame.%22"]

Outriders’ demo highlights a lot of what it has going for it – fun combat, both for fire teams or solo players (though it’s definitely more fun with friends so far), intriguing sci-fi plot hooks with a lot of potential, and a unique take on how co-op shooters can adopt elements of more traditional RPGs. That said, it also shows some spots where the apocalyptic space shooter is starting to stumble. Replayability is a big part of whether a not a co-op RPG shooter remains enjoyable, and while combat in Outriders is a bloody good time, I found myself yawning through my third and fourth runs of its several sample missions. Similarly, while I really enjoy some of the concepts introduced in the story, what I’ve seen so far is on a tightrope between being the first game to crack the “shared-world shooter with a good story” puzzle or another instance of mashing “skip cutscene” as fast as possible – and nothing takes you out of a story faster than buggy cutscenes.

What I don’t think the Outriders demo has done yet is really sell me on it in the long-term, and while that’s very hard to do in a few hours it’s also crucial in determining whether a game like this is worth becoming invested in. I’m definitely interested to see more of its world and unlock more nifty pseudo-magic, but I’d venture a guess that 70% of my playclock in similarly structured games takes place well after the credits have rolled, and this demo provides little to no insight on what to expect from Outriders’ endgame. Its developers have detailed a fairly robust endgame plan, but whether or not it has the staying power of other service-adjacent co-op shooters – or if that’s even the team’s goal – remains to be seen. Hopefully, it’ll keep up the fast pace of its action and decently fun, pulpy story – because I really want to level up that auto-shotgun.

[poilib element="accentDivider"]

This demo hasn’t been quite substantial enough that I’m willing to put a temporary score on Outriders yet, but I am having a good time with it and am looking forward to playing more for the full review. Look for that sometime on or around the release date of April 1.


State of Decay 2 Devs Apologize and Explain Confusing 'Nazi Punching' Trait

Tensions over a confusing in-game character trait’s effects have left at least one State of Decay 2 fan feeling burned by developer Undead Labs, who has now issued an apology and clarification, PC Gamer reports.

Steam Marines developer James Seow had been innocuously tweeting about their experience playing State of Decay 2 for the past month, until they discovered one of their characters possessed the “punched nazis” trait. The gist of the trait is that the character is quick to resolve conflicts with physical violence, particularly when arguments arise from strongly held convictions.

Materially, the trait just adds a damage bonus and makes your character more irritable to others and was flagged as a negative trait.

As Undead Labs refined State of Decay 2 post-release, that trait became less and less nuanced. All arguments between characters had ended up being categorized under one umbrella, making any strongly held belief, no matter how ideologically different, penalized the same.

Noticing this, Seow tweeted at both the Undead Labs and State of Decay 2 Twitter accounts asking why the game had “Nazi shit” in it. Seow was soon blocked by both Undead Labs' and the State of Decay 2 Twitter accounts.

[widget path="global/article/imagegallery" parameters="albumSlug=the-best-games-to-play-on-xbox-series-xs&captions=true"]

Undead Labs tweeted Thursday that the blocking of Seow was the result of auto-blocking software that was inflamed by negative comments regarding Black History Month.

Undead Labs continued by saying the “punched nazis” trait was created long before State of Decay 2’s 2018 release date and was never intended to be a negative trait.

“One designer actually told us firsthand stories about punching Nazis in the underground music scene,” Undead Labs tweeted. “We loved it and boom, the trait was born. It was designed as an overall positive trait with a skill bonus — it grants four stars of Fighting experience, and also made the character more likely to argue passionately for their beliefs. We figured someone punching Nazis in a mosh pit is going to have some strong feelings.”

State of Decay 2’s morale system, which came later in development, altered the readout of the trait’s text to highlight the damage bonus as a positive and the propensity for arguments as an exclusively negative.

“So today, this trait has a positive skill bonus (white text) and red text in the UI due to the likelihood of arguing,” Undead Labs tweeted. “It’s been that way for years and we never realized how confusing that looks until tonight. It’s not common, we have over 1300 traits.”

Undead Labs concluded by saying their next hotfix will address the issue by making the trait only have the positive damage bonus and remove the “irritable towards other people” sub-trait.

“We think it's better overall for no one to think of it as a negative trait ever again,” Undead Labs replied to one Twitter user.

IGN has reached out to Seow for comment, but Seow says on Twitter that Undead Labs reached out to them via a private message.

“[I] woulda accepted the design explanation and ‘we'll fix this’ eight days ago, sounds very corporate damage control to me now,” Seow tweeted. “Glad it only took a week of me and other people yelling.”

[poilib element="accentDivider"] Joseph Knoop is a writer/producer/shambler for IGN.


Mortal Kombat Trailer Breaks Record Previously Held by Deadpool 2 and Logan

Last week's red band trailer for the upcoming Mortal Kombat reboot has set a new record. The viewership of Mortal Kombat's gore-filled trailer has grown to 116 million, as reported by Deadline. This total surpasses the four-day mark of previous red band trailer viewership record holder Deadpool 2, which broke the record of fellow X-Men series entry Logan. Both of those movies had very successful theatrical runs, ending their domestic grosses at $324 million and $226 million respectively, and helped establish the idea that an R-rated superhero movie could be an out-and-out blockbuster. Although box office totals are currently less telling of a film's success with many theaters closed, the immense popularity of Mortal Kombat's trailer bodes well for the film's release in April. [ignvideo url=""] The film's official Twitter account celebrated the new record by posting a video compilation featuring Mortal Kombat fans reacting to the trailer. The trailer gave viewers a first look at how various characters from the series would look in the film, climaxing with a showdown between Sub-Zero and Scorpion. It also showcased some decidedly R-rated violence, giving fans a taste at how the movie will honor the series' long tradition of brutal fatalities. Mortal Kombat was created by Midway in 1992. The series quickly spawned two film adaptations with Mortal Kombat in 1995 and its sequel Mortal Kombat: Annihilation in 1997. Mortal Kombat 11, the latest entry in the video game series, was released in 2019 and was named IGN's best fighting game of the year. For more about the upcoming movie, take a look at a who's who of the cast to get familiar with the actors taking on these iconic characters. Mortal Kombat will debut in theaters and on HBO Max (for 31 days) on April 16. [poilib element="accentDivider"] J. Kim Murphy is a freelance entertainment writer.


Reacting to the Pokemon Presentation and Bravely Default II - NVC 549

Welcome to Nintendo Voice Chat! Just a week after the Nintendo Direct, The Pokemon Company announced Pokemon Legends: Arceus and Diamond and Pearl remakes in a presentation of their own. Join Casey DeFreitas, Rebekah Valentine, Miranda Sanchez, Seth Macy, and Mitchell Saltzman as they react to these and the other games shown off in Friday's presentation. Plus, the panel discusses Bravely Default II and Curse of the Dead Gods, which are now available on Nintendo Switch. Finally, hear your listener questions answered on another round of Question Block.


00:00:00 An Announcement! 00:00:30 Pokemon with Miranda Sanchez! 00:25:10 Bravely Default 2 Review Discussion 00:41:00 More News! Monster Hunter Rise, Pyra/Mythra presentation 00:47:00 What we’re playing: Curse of the Dead Gods 00:53:00 What we’re playing: Ghosts ‘n Goblins: Resurrection + more 01:01:00 Question Block!

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You can also Download NVC 549 Directly Here

You can listen to NVC on your preferred platform every Thursday at 3pm PT/6pm ET. Have a question for Question Block? Write to us at and we may pick your question! Also, make sure to join the Nintendo Voice Chat Podcast Forums on Facebook. We're all pretty active there and often pull Question Block questions and comments straight from the community.

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10 PlayStation Games We'd Like To See On PC

With the recent confirmation from Sony Interactive Entertainment head Jim Ryan stating that more PlayStation games will be making the jump to PC, starting with Days Gone this Spring, it got us thinking: what other PlayStation adventures would we want to see make the leap onto the mod-friendly platform? While we could easily just say Bloodborne across the board (which we are very tempted to, mind you), here is an actual list of 10 PlayStation games we'd like to see on PC. 

While there is always the PlayStation Now service, it's not quite the same as an actual PC port. Modding Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding when both games made their way to PC was so much fun, and to have that freedom with more titles in addition to an excuse for another playthrough would be amazing. 

Let's get started with our first pick: Bloodborne. 


Because obviously

You can't have any PlayStation to PC list without Bloodborne, let's be real. Dark Souls making its way over into the land of keyboard and RGBfied mice was a huge hit, and masochistic gamers like me are always down for some pain and murder. That's why Bloodborne would be the perfect fit! There's already a cozy spot right next to the Dark Souls games there and I will never, ever pass up the opportunity to have the Hunter go up against Thomas the Tank Engine with mod support. 

This action roleplaying game has a massive fan following, and for good reason. It blends creepiness with satisfying combat, and the challenges overcome throughout the story can feel so incredibly satisfying as a player. Seeing this game make the jump to PC would be amazing not only just to have it more available on a different platform, but it would also be an awesome way to make it a little more accessible for those players who might prefer to have a more customized setup. Like how the Xbox adaptive controller helps players get into the games they love the most, gaming on PC has a wider market of peripherals that could help all kinds of gamers jump into the mix. 

But mostly I just really want Thomas the Tank Engine to crush my soul. 

God of War

Scream "BOY!" now on PC

With God of War: Ragnarok on the horizon, this year would be the perfect time to bring in the PlayStation 4 iteration of Kratos' story. Seeing such a fearsome god in the role of a father with Atreus was a treat, and the title handled absolutely beautifully on PS4. That being said, the exploration and combat mechanics would mesh well with PC controls and the ability to play this adventure on the highest possible setting? Yes, please! 

While obviously two totally different games, what made me truly want this to be the next PC port was the ability to play Horizon Zero Dawn with a mouse and keyboard. Though they have two unique styles of mechanics, many of the environmental areas felt similar. Horizon had a plethora of tech issues when it first launched on PC, but the team eventually got the game where it needed to be and it was truly a stunning experience to take on. Give me that but with God of War and I think I might just be the happiest gamer on the planet, and I'm sure I'm far from alone on that. 

The Last of Us

PC needs more zombies

Picture this: Pedro Pascal. With the Mandalorian actor slated to play Joel in the upcoming TV series based off of the first game in the Last of Us franchise, imagine being able to mod the actor's face into the game itself to make that casting choice a little easier to envision. While I personally love Pascal for the role, I've seen a lot of people say that they are having a hard time seeing him as Joel. While I don't personally understand that, I know how quickly modders work. If Naughty Dog announced a PC port tomorrow (not through PlayStation Now), I can promise you that someone somewhere would have a Pascal mod ready to roll out by the end of the week. 

The Last of Us was a monumental title for PlayStaiton. While the second game was met with more of a mixed reception, both storylines were intricate beyond compare. To see the first game make its way onto PC platforms would give so many a chance to experience this harrowing world of survival for themselves, especially for households that are limited to only one platform of choice. 

Valkyrie Profile

A throwback of epic proportions

Valkyrie Profile is an incredible role-playing series from Square Enix and tri-Ace that brings Norse mythology to life in a beautiful way. Since the franchise's birth, it has been on many different PlayStation systems (including PlayStation Portable) in addition to the Nintendo DS and mobile platforms. 

This JRPG staple is aesthetically inventive, mechanically distinguished, and narratively rich in a way that PC gamers can appreciate. Even better? By opening up the player base even more, this could just be the nudge Square Enix needs to put some resources behind a revitalized future for the series. Plus, the iOS port for the original game was terrible and a PC version might just be the thing needed to wash that memory clean away. 

Ghost of Tsushima

Do we really need to say why?

Ghost of Tsushima was visually stunning and had a story that made me completely rethink how I saw the samurai genre. With its open-world beauty and incredible multiplayer post-launch add-ons, this game feels like it was built with PC in mind. 

I've run through the story of Tsushima twice now on PlayStation and adored everything about it both times. The way it focuses on stealth and how reactive the combat is, the PC format, to me, would feel incredibly natural. This is also one of those games, like Horizon Zero Dawn, where modding would be a real treat. Not even just joke mods, but mods to tinker with the settings, play around with the characters, and also tweak some of the armor in-game to be even more epic than what the vanilla game has to offer. 

Taking on a raid with friends in Ghost of Tsushima on PC would honestly be a dream Friday night. The potential to also have a few cool crossovers like how the Death Stranding PC version had would be amazing as well. Replace the foxes with headcrabs? That will be a resounding horrified "yes" from me, dawg. 


What dreams are made of

I know I keep talking about mods (that's because I'm obsessed with them and write about them a lot here at Game Informer) but what game is more perfect for that part of the PC conversation than a game that's literally about creating something from nothing? 

Dreams is a creationary-based adventure that gives players complete control over crafting a world that pushes the boundaries of what we thought was possible. We've seen people recreate Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Half-Life, and so many other games within this world; to take that onto PC with even more creative freedom would be beyond incredible. 

Infamous Second Son

How quickly gamers have forgotten about this gem

Infamous Second Son was the darling of PlayStation 4 at the start of the last generation. This action-adventure game was a treasure from the team at Sucker Punch and it gave players the badass feeling of being able to go anywhere and do anything they'd like. Plus, the protagonist — Delsin Rowe — was a stylish punk that was just a genuine joy to play as. Being able to manipulate various elements such as smoke, concrete, and even neon was inventive in a way that allowed gamers to take to this world the way they wanted to. The combat was also highly stylized and it felt like a modern-day Assassin's Creed regarding the parkour elements. 

When I described this game to a friend, I said "Think Assassin's Creed meets The Clash" and I still stand by that statement. Give this adventure to PC players and there will be an entirely new wave of appreciation for the detailed care that went into the world of Infamous Second Son

Persona 5

There is zero reason why this is not on PC

The Persona games in general are known for expert stylization, crazily weird dialogue, and quirky characters that stick with you long after the end credits roll. With several other Persona adventures available already on PC, it's high-time to bring Persona 5 to the mix, especially with all of the raving reviews that surrounded this title at launch

The turn-based combat would also make this a super easy port, mechanically speaking, to visualize. Persona 5 is definitely one of those high-impact games that suck you in and don't release you until you've beat it and it's this type of game that thrives on PC. With it being a highly beloved entry into the series, it's time for Sony to consider bringing this particular adventure to a new market. 

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Nathan Drake, 'nough said

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is hands down my favorite in the series. Nathan Drake and Sully together again in a story that was as filled with action as it was with heartwarming moments. There was so much more humanization given to these characters that we've grown to love through the years and the narrative that has continued on is something truly special. 

Few games grip you right at the start, but this one certainly did. The immersive world was breathtaking and the storytelling was exceptional. With no more Nathan Drake tales on the horizon, now would be a good time to bring a PC port into the equation so that this legacy can continue on and new players can strap in for the ride of their lives. 

Legend of Dragoon

Did you really not expect to see this on the list

A Legend of Dragoon remaster (or remake!) has been the talk of the PlayStation community for a long time, but what about a PC port? This role-playing game dominated the tail-end of the 90s, and for good reason. Taking on the role of Dark in an effort to stop the world from being obliterated in a sea of destruction brought unparalleled joy. 

The cutscenes, for its time, were impeccable and the story was something that was genuinely amazing despite the mixed reviews when it first launched due to Final Fantasy comparisons. The legacy of Dragoon even continued on with novels and manga, so going beyond the PlayStation scope wouldn't be unheard of. 

Plus, texture mods? Can you imagine? 

Basically, what I'm saying is this: Sony, you've said you're open to more PC ports (finally), so let's talk because this list is gold and there is no good reason for these not to make the jump. Even more so for the older titles. 

Please and thank you. 

Pokémon Diamond And Pearl Remakes Coming To Switch This Year

Click here to watch embedded media

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl released in North America in 2007 on Nintendo's DS handheld, and now today's fans will get a chance to revisit these installments with a new, modern makeover. Announced during today's Pokémon Presents festivities, this pair of games – called Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl – is coming to Switch later in 2021.

Though it may not have been the biggest reveal during the show (that honor belongs to Pokémon Legends Arceus) , it's still an exciting opportunity to jump into the classic Pokémon formula with a fresh spin. 

The games take place in the Sinnoh region, and like most of the duos of Pokémon releases, the two versions offer similar experiences, with slight variations between (like which legendary Pokémon are available in each). 

These remakes are being developed by Ilca Inc (a studio that helped create Pokémon Home), and they feature a distinct visual overhaul while retaining the core elements that made the original releases so well-received.

Look for Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl on Switch in late 2021.

New Pokémon Snap Gets A New Gameplay Walkthrough

New Pokémon Snap got some spotlight during today’s 25th anniversary stream, showing off the game in action and how players can lure and capture the best photos.

The game is set in the Lental region, a biodiverse area where players will explore a jungle, desert, and underwater areas. Like the original N64 game, luring Pokémon into the perfect shot involves tossing food to get their attention. You can also use special lures to make any Pokémon glow to really jazz up those shots. While getting pics of Pokémon will satisfy the professor to an extent, capturing rare behavior (like a Raichu surfing) nets you more stars upon review. 

Click here to watch embedded media

Once you capture that perfect shot, you can make it even better by editing it. You can zoom or re-frame compositions as well as add borders, stickers, and other effects. Photos can be uploaded online to share with others, and the most popular photos will be featured in-game. 

Look for New Pokémon Snap with it comes to Switch on April 30.

New Pokémon Game Is An Open-World Story Set In Feudal-Style Sinnoh Region, Pokémon Legends Arceus

Nintendo is celebrating all things Pokémon today and one of the announcements showed off the latest game in the iconic franchise, a title that takes a page from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild with a stunning open world set in the Sinnoh region for Generation 4. The latest Pokémon adventure is Pokémon Legends Arceus.

One of the coolest aspects of the new game is that trainers aren't just in the "gotta catch 'em all" mindset, now players can ride their Pokémon to ride, to fly on, or to run with. It's an entirely different way to interact with the pocket monsters that we've come to know and love through the years while giving fans even more freedom to roam to their heart's content. 

The Feudal Japan stylization of this new game is a nice touch, giving that open-world exploration even more of a beautiful edge when becoming the very best. The idea of going back in time with the franchise is also an interesting take, especially when looking at the recent years for this series. Based on the trailer, Legends Arceus looks like it could be an incredibly peaceful adventure for those looking to explore, while still providing familiar gameplay that fans know and love. 

Click here to watch embedded media

With our reveal, the trailer shown shared a first look at how taking on Pokémon will work in this new game while also showing off the calming power of simply walking around to see what's new. 

Pokémon Legends Arceus will be launching early 2022, though a specific date hasn't been revealed at this time. 

What do you think about the newly revealed Pokémon game set in Sinnoh? Which pocket monster are you most excited to encounter and to take to the skies with? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below! You can also learn more about the upcoming Pokemon Snap reboot right here with the newly released trailer from the same showcase. 

IGN UK Podcast #581: BlizzCon and State of Play Post-Mortems

Cardy, Matt and Joe are here to break down all things Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 from last weekend's BlizzCon event. Matt's also had a chance to go hands-on with the upcoming Watch Dogs: Legion online mode so lets us know whether we should be excited or not for that. Plus, at the very end Dale is substituted in for Joe as we briefly discuss what we enjoyed from last night's PlayStation State of Play stream. We also have a fantastic, nail-biting Endless Search game this week alongside some non-food related feedback for a change. Remember, if you want to get in touch with the podcast, please do:

IGN UK Podcast #581: BlizzCon and State of Play Post-Mortems

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Batman and Harley Quinn Are Returning to Fortnite

Batman is returning to the world of Fortnite, and he's bringing Catwoman and Harley Quinn along for the ride. This latest collaboration between DC and Epic Games is dubbed Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point. But while this isn't the Dark Knight's first dalliance with Fortnite, this crossover is unique in that it's primarily driven by a comic book tie-in. Naturally, there will also be new Batman-themed costumes and items coming to the game. [caption id="attachment_2479303" align="aligncenter" width="3818"]Harley Quinn's DC Rebirth costume is the first of several new items and skins being added to Fortnite. (Image Credit: Epic Games) Harley Quinn's DC Rebirth costume is the first of several new items and skins being added to Fortnite. (Image Credit: Epic Games)[/caption] Zero Point is a six-issue limited series scripted by Christos Gage (Spider-Geddon), based on a concept and story consultation from Epic's Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard. The series features art from Reilly Brown, Christian Duce, Nelson DeCastro and John Kalisz. Zero Point brings the Dark Knight and other DC icons like Catwoman and Harley Quinn crashing into the Fortnite universe, with Batman struggling to remember who he is and where he came from and solve the mystery of the Zero Point. The series will be in-canon with the Fortnite universe and add new layers to the game's mythology. DC's press release teases, "As [Batman] fights to recall his past and escape an endless loop of chaos and struggle, he’ll come face-to-face with the likes of Renegade Raider, Fishstick, Bandolier, and more. While the world's greatest detective strives to make sense of this strange new world, he’ll uncover the shocking truth about the Island, what lies beyond the Loop, and how everything is connected to the mysterious Zero Point." Each issue of Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point will be released day-and-date in print and digital formats, but Fortnite fans will have special incentive to buy the print versions. Each print issue will include a DLC code for a Batman-themed item or costume to use in Fortnite, with the first being a DC Rebirth Harley Quinn costume. Collecting all six codes will allow players to unlock an exclusive "Armored Batman Zero" skin. So yes, you can finally be Batman again in Fortnite, but that privilege requires a certain level of commitment. Alternatively, Zero Point will also be free to read for subscribers of the DC Universe Infinite service, along with the DLC codes. [widget path="global/article/imagegallery" parameters="albumSlug=batmanfortnite-zero-point-1-preview&captions=true"] “When DC first approached me about doing a Batman/Fortnite series I thought it would be a lot of fun,” said Gage in DC's press release. ”After speaking with Donald [Mustard] and discovering just how deeply we'd be diving into the secrets behind the world of Fortnite, I was amazed! This series will reveal things about Fortnite that have never been seen or heard before yet are very much part of the canon of the game.” “I’m also looking forward to integrating other DC Super Heroes into the series, characters that Batman has existing relations with,” Gage continued. “It’ll be exciting to share with fans how these relationships will be reshaped in this new world. The art by Reilly, Christian, Nelson, and John is stunning, and my prediction is that this series will blow everybody’s mind, whether you’re a fan of DC, Batman or Fortnite.” Each issue of Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point is priced at $4.99 for the standard cover and $5.99 for the cardstock variant cover. The series will debut on Tuesday, April 20, with new issues shipping twice-monthly until the finale on July 6. Batman isn't the only DC hero putting in an appearance in Fortnite this year. Epic recently added a Flash skin modeled after the Arrowverse TV series. The game is also bringing in Ellen Ripley and the Alien Xenomorph. [ignvideo url=""] Previously in 2020, Epic collaborated with Marvel Comics to bring Thor, Wolverine and other playable Marvel heroes into Fortnite: Season 2, Chapter 4. That crossover also had a comic book tie-in in Fortnite X Marvel: Nexus War - Thor #1, though that issue was framed a standalone prelude to the in-game content. Funnily enough, this shared Fortnite connection is the closest thing to a Marvel/DC crossover we've seen in almost 20 years. The two publishers haven't collaborated on a crossover together since 2003's JLA/Avengers, though the final issue of DC's Watchmen sequel Doomsday Clock offers some hope that'll change one day. [poilib element="accentDivider"] Jesse is a mild-mannered staff writer for IGN. Allow him to lend a machete to your intellectual thicket by following @jschedeen on Twitter.


Free PS Plus March 2021 Games Revealed

February is officially coming to a close and just like with every new month, Sony is offering active PlayStation Plus members a chance to snag a few free games. While February's freebies are available for a little while longer, the free PS Plus March 2021 games lineup has just been revealed for the month ahead. 

PS Plus March 2021 Games

The month of March has a pretty stellar lineup, including one game that was a major focus for the most recent State of Play. Earlier this week, Sony revealed more about the Yuffie-driven episode of Final Fantasy VII as well as what the remake looks like on current gen titles. That segway was absolutely perfect going into the March PS Plus games, because the remake for PlayStation 4 is one of the free titles being offered. 

"The original Final Fantasy VII is one of the most influential and adored games of all time, representing the best storytelling, gameplay, and technology its era had to offer," said our own Joe Juba about the remake in his full review. "Its monumental impact on the role-playing genre is hard to overstate – but even harder to replicate in today’s landscape. That struggle between history and innovation is the engine that drives Final Fantasy VII Remake; the legend of the original looms large over it like the metal plates above the slums of Midgar, but this new version refuses to simply exist under a shadow. With smart (and surprising) additions to a classic world and its inhabitants, Final Fantasy VII Remake artfully appeals to nostalgia without being bound by it."

Other games being offered include the PlayStation VR title Farpoint, the sci-fi action game found in Remnant: From the Ashes, and Maquette, a first-person puzzler designed around an "Escher-esque recursive simulation." 

Click here to watch embedded media

It's not too late to also scoop up February's games with Control, Destruction AllStars, and Concrete Genie, though it is important to note that an active PS Plus membership is required for all of the aforementioned titles. The membership for Sony's online services includes free games each month, exclusive sales on select titles, and unlimited access to game online with friends! The free games remain yours until the membership runs out. 

Thoughts on the free PS Plus March 2021 games lineup? How do you feel about PS Plus in general and how it's changed through the years? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below!

PlayStation Plus Games for March 2021 Announced

Sony has revealed that the PS4 version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Maquette, Farpoint VR, and Remnant: From the Ashes are the PlayStation Plus games for March 2021. Announced on the PlayStation Blog, all four games will be available free to PS Plus subscribers from March 2. The blog confirms that the PS Plus version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake will not offer a free upgrade to Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade on PS5. We awarded Final Fantasy 7 Remake an 8/10 review, saying that it "delivered on letting me relive (part of) a classic in stupendous fashion, while also standing as a great RPG all its own." While this PS4 version won't upgrade to the shiny new version later this year, it is of course compatible with PS5. Maquette is a PS5 recursive puzzler from Graceful Decay and Annapurna Interactive, and will make its debut on PS Plus. The game stars Bryce Dallas Howard and Seth Gabel playing romantic couple Kenzie and Michael, who are characters that will guide players through the game but won't be "explicitly seen on screen." [ignvideo url=""] Remnant: From the Ashes is a Dark Souls-inspired shooter that we awarded an 8/10 review, calling it "a co-op action-RPG that's punishing and grotesque, but exciting and beautiful all at the same time." Farpoint VR earned itself a 7.5/10 review, as we said, "fantastic gunplay and freedom of movement sets PSVR's Farpoint apart from most VR shooting galleries." You have until March 1 to claim February's free PS Plus games, Destruction AllStars, Control: Ultimate Edition, and Concrete Genie. [poilib element="accentDivider"] Joe Skrebels is IGN's Executive Editor of News. Follow him on Twitter. Have a tip for us? Want to discuss a possible story? Please send an email to


Watch The February Pokémon Presents With Game Informer

Click to watch embedded media

Whether it's the social media countdown, a collaboration with Levi's, or the announcement of a digital concert headlined by Post Malone, The Pokémon Company has recently been building the hype around the 25th anniversary of one of the world's most recognizable entertainment franchises. While I love the song Sunflower as much as the next webhead, it hasn't become abundantly clear how gamers will be able to celebrate their love for the iconic series. That all (hopefully) changes today.

The Pokémon Company is set to premiere a Pokémon Presents update that they say fans of all things Pikachu won't want to miss. While there are sure to be updates on Pokémon projects outside of games, there are plenty of titles in the works fans hope to get an update on.

We know New Pokémon Snap is coming to the Nintendo Switch on April 30, so now seems like a prime time to show off the first substantive look at how the game will actually play. Outside of that, we haven't seen anything from Pokémon Unite, the moba collaboration between The Pokémon Company and Tencent. But what other surprises could the day hold? Will we get a Let's Go treatment for either Gold/Silver or Diamond/Pearl? Will the Game Boy classics ever make their way to Nintendo's handheld hybrid? Only time will tell, but I can tell you one thing for sure. We'll be there to react to it all.

Join Pokémon expert Brian Shea, Alex Van Aken, and me as we watch today's Pokémon Presents with you live and react to all the biggest announcements and surprises.

The show officially kicks off at 9 a.m. CT, but we'll be going live at 8:45 a.m. CT for a little preshow action featuring our rock-solid predictions for what we think The Pokémon Company will be showing off! If you can't get enough of our live shows, remember to subscribe on YouTubeTwitchTwitter, and Facebook to get notified when we go live each week!

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade: Square Enix Clarifies Yuffie Episode Is PS5 Exclusive

Square Enix has clarified that Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade's Yuffie Episode can't be played as a standalone and will be exclusive to the PS5. An FAQ page was uploaded after Intergrade's reveal during the most recent Sony State of Play broadcast. The Yuffie Episode was announced alongside Intergrade, but is a separate piece of DLC – but Square Enix has made clear that it won't be coming to PS4. The FAQ says that, "the new Yuffie Episode is optimized for PlayStation 5, so it is not available on PlayStation 4." This means that the only way to access the Yuffie Episode is to buy Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade on PS5 or, if you own a PlayStation 4 version of Final Fantasy VII Remake and a PlayStation 5, upgrade your version of the game – but you will still need to purchase the Yuffie Episode separately if you upgrade. [ignvideo url=""] Square Enix also explains that, even though you can purchase it separately as part of the upgrade process on PS5, Yuffie Episode can't be played as a standalone game without the rest of the package. "The new episode featuring Yuffie can only be played by either purchasing Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade on PlayStation 5, or by purchasing it separately after completing the free PlayStation 5 enhancement upgrade," the FAQ reads. Alongside Intergrade, Square Enix also announced a Final Fantasy VII Battle Royale game called Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. as well as a mobile remake of Final Fantasy 7 and its spin-offs, called Ever Crisis. It's also looking likely that Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be coming to PS Plus – but it will be the PS4 version, and seemingly won;t be upgradeable to Intergrade. Intergrade comes to PS5 with improved textures, fog effects, lighting, and faster load times, as well as a new photo mode and support for the DualSense controller's haptic feedback. It will be playable in either Performance Mode, which runs at 60 FPS, or Graphics Mode, which prioritizes 4K resolution. [poilib element="accentDivider"] Jordan Oloman is a freelance writer for IGN. Follow him on Twitter.


Final Fantasy 7 Remake Could Be Coming to PS Plus in March, But Won't Be Upgradeable to PS5 Version

The PS4 version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake seems to be coming to PS Plus next March, at least in Japan – but it won't upgrade freely to the new PS5 version. As pointed out by Twitter user aibo, the Japanese PS Store listing for Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade includes small print that indicates the original PS4 game will be added to PS Plus on March 1. However, roughly translated, that listing adds that, "The PlayStation®4 version "FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE" obtained as a free play by subscribing to PlayStation®Plus cannot be upgraded to the PlayStation®5 version." It's worth pointing out that Japanese PS Plus games can differ from those in other territories. We've contacted Sony for comment. [ignvideo url=""] Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade was announced at yesterday's PlayStation State of Play event, and does offer free upgrades (with save game transfer) to those who bought Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PS4. It seems that privilege won't extend to those who claim a PS Plus version. Intergrade is an expanded edition of FF7 Remake, featuring performance and graphics modes, improved textures, fog effects, lighting, and faster load times, as well as a new photo mode and support for the DualSense controller's haptic feedback. It also offers a bonus episode featuring Yuffie, which is available only in the PS5 version of the game. Developing...