Monday, May 24, 2021

Game Informer Streams Are Now On Twitch

game informer twitch

It's official! Game Informer livestreams are happening exclusively on Twitch. That’s right, Game Informer is going all-in with our livestreams to have more opportunities to engage, entertain, and hang out - with you! Point your bookmarks right here! First, let’s handle the biggest question: Will you still be able to get all the content at other places like YouTube?

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The answer is yes. Livestream content will hit our YouTube channel around a day after we go live. So if you can’t make a stream, don’t sweat it, you’ll still be able to catch the action later. For those that are able to join us in the moment, you can count on a more robust experience with the Game Informer crew as we chart a course through the world of gaming that focuses on interacting with our awesome readers, viewers, and friends.

We’ll have sweet polls where you can vote on what you’d like to see and maybe even what to play sometimes. Community events! Amazing conversations! Special guests! Debates over fast food, Marvel movies, the best Final Fantasy game ever, and more are inevitably going to occur. Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be implementing many of the other neat features that Twitch gives us access to, from channel points that you can collect and spend to amazing emotes and emoji. Want to support the Game Informer stream experience? You can subscribe to the channel right now!

Twitch is where we can create the best possible livestream experience for all of us in the Game Informer community, and we hope you’ll join us from Facebook, Periscope, YouTube, and more.

With this new shift for streaming content, you can expect more streams! We love talking about games both old and new, so plan on seeing a lot more of that and all of the amazing conversations they foster. You are still going to get all the great content in the magazine and on the website, but there’s something special about experiencing a game in real-time and the discussions that come of it. Longstanding staples of Game Informer like Super Replay will be joined by new offerings that give you a chance to hang out with our awesome team as they tackle all kinds of games and big events like E3 live as they happen.

More streams. Better streams. Longer streams. As they say in streamland, let’s goooooooo!

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