Friday, February 4, 2022

Call of Duty: Warzone Reverts Loadout Times, Player Tattoos Raven's Logo on His Butt

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Call of Duty: Warzone has reverted an unpopular change - and that led to a popular Warzone player having developer Raven Software's logo tattooed onto his butt.

The initial change came on December 8, 2021, when Call of Duty: Warzone Season 1 introduced players to the Caldera map. As part of the update, Raven Software implemented a change to the way Loadout Drops work. Aside from the two free loadout drops each game, players are able to purchase one from any Buy Station.

Originally, there was no limit to when you could buy one, meaning that more aggressive teams could earn enough to get their custom loadouts early in the game. But the update on December 8 changed that. The change restricted the purchase of Loadout Drops until after the first circle.

The idea was to force players to play with scavenged weapons, leveling the playing field in the early parts of a game. But many players felt it slowed down their progress and have been keen to see the change reversed.

Per PC Gamer, Kris Lamberson, known as Swagg, was among some of the more vocal opponents to the change. His main concern was how a longer wait for custom loadouts would affect the pace of the game.

So against the idea was Swagg that he promised to get the tattoo if Raven Software reversed an unpopular change to how Loadout Drops work. “I’ll tattoo Raven Software on my right cheek for you to revert the loadout change,” he said via Twitter last month.

Now, the change has been reversed… and it looks as though Lamberson has stuck to his, well, end of the deal.

An official announcement confirmed that the change has been reverted as part of a minor update yesterday: "Following community feedback during Season One, Raven Software is reverting the standard Battle Royale Loadout Drop timing.

"As part of today’s minor update, Operators should expect to see Loadout Drops available to purchase in Buy Stations at any time, rather than restricting availability during a match’s opening minutes."

After Raven made the change, the Call of Duty Twitter account wrote, "Your move, @Swagg", to which Swagg revealed his new ink. So pleased was Raven that, for a short time, the company's Twitter profile icon was a picture of their logo on someone else's butt.

There's probably a parable in this somewhere – Swagg should probably be carweful about making promises if and when the rumored Warzone 2 comes along.

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