Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Street Fighter 6: Controversial Logo Could Be a Modified Stock Image

The controversial logo for Street Fighter 6 bears similarities to an Adobe Stock image. The creator of the stock image has told IGN they now want to sell the exclusive rights for it to Capcom.

As first pointed out by Ars Technica's Aurich Lawson (below), the Street Fighter 6 logo bears striking similarity to a logo design available through the Adobe Stock image store, available with an extended license for $80, and created by a user called xcoolee.

The design is available as an Adobe Illustrator file, meaning alterations could presumably have been easily made to the original file – and the Adobe Stock licenses do allow for modification in commercial use. The design appears to have been used publicly before, with (as Twitter use 100Jibie points out) a different modified version seemingly used as a logo for the SF Connexion sci-fi convention in France

Speaking to IGN, xcoolee confirmed that they had created the Adobe Stock image, and revealed that they were looking to sell exclusive rights for the image to Capcom, removing it from sale to other parties. We've contacted Capcom for comment on the similarities in the designs, and xcoolee's offer of sale.

Even if this turns out to be a genuine concidence, the new logo design hasn't garnered much praise as it is. Street Fighter 6 was announced on February 21, and its logo reveal immediately caused controversy among fans, many of whom see the seeming change from the Street Fighter series' vibrant text logos to a grittier monochrome style as disappointing.

It's not clear if the new logo is a placeholder, and we've asked Capcom for clarity on that too.

After a leak in 2020, and a countdown last week, Street Fighter 6 was announced by a teaser trailer (above), showing off new takes on fighters Ryu and Luke. More info will arrive this summer.

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source https://www.ign.com/articles/street-fighter-6-logo-adobe-stock

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