Tuesday, February 22, 2022

New Pokémon BDSP Update Targets ‘Illicit’ Trades And Expands Union Room, Colosseum Features

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Ver. 1.2.0 Update

Platform: Switch
Publisher: The Pokémon Company
Developer: Ilca, Game Freak
Rating: Everyone

After announcing over the weekend that most ongoing Pokémon games like Pokémon Masters EX, Unite, and Sword And Shield will be receiving an update leading up to this year’s Pokémon Day on February 27, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl have received a new update. 

Titled Ver 1.2.0, this update is now live in the latest Pokémon remakes and it brings with it new Union Room and Colosseum features, some fixes to improve gameplay, and a stop to the use of “illicit” Pokémon. Here’s a full breakdown of what update Ver 1.2.0 entails: 

  • Union Room functions have been expanded: The maximum number of players you can play with via local or internet communication in Union Rooms has been increased to eight. Also, by selecting Greeting or Capsule Decorations, you can show each other your Trainer Cards or Capsule Decorations. 
  • Additional Colosseum battle feature has been added: Enter the Colosseum on the 2nd floor of a Pokémon Center to battle with other players using custom rulesets. In the Colosseum, you can set rules, such as the number of Pokémon to send into battle as well as their levels, and play Single Battles, Double Battles, or Multi Battles via local or internet communication. 
  • Pokémon Trading and Battles: Some Pokémon acquired via unintended methods or illicit modification now cannot be used in Link Trades or Link Battles. 
  • Fixes some issues for more pleasant gameplay. 

On top of that, Eurogamer reports that a datamine of this update reveals some features that might soon be coming to Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. More specifically, mattyoukhana on Twitter reveals through a datamine that Pokémon brought over into Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl from Pokémon Legends: Arceus could have a special origin mark displayed on their entry. Plus, it seems the time travel awards is now complete and comes with art. And finally, the datamine seemingly confirms that Pokémon HOME transfers are on the way. 

Only time will tell if those datamined features actually come to Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. In the meantime, check out Game Informer’s Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl review and then read Game Informer’s Legends: Arceus review

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