Thursday, February 24, 2022

Not Only is Elden Ring a 'Masterpiece', It's Also Just £45 in the UK

Considering you might be asked to pay up to £70 for a new video game in the UK right now, Elden Ring is seemingly an outlier and a certified bargain to boot. Costing just £45 from Amazon for the Launch Edition, this is probably one of the most affordable new games to launch in a long while. While PS5 exclusives and the likes of Battlefield, Call of Duty, or FIFA publishers are looking to charge British gamers a premium to play on new-gen consoles - Elden Ring is cross-generation, and costs the same across the board.

£70 is a huge ask for gamers in the UK, considering the average price for a new game has been about £55 for a few years at least. But, Elden Ring is even undercutting that, dropping to just £45 on PS5, PS4, and Xbox. This isn't an omen on its quality either. Elden Ring is currently one of the best-reviewed games of all time - and IGN itself even gave it a 10/10 'Masterpiece' review.

Not only that, but Elden Ring is quickly starting to sound like one of the most approachable FromSoftware games ever made. That's not to say it isn't difficult — it absolutely will be. But with the open-world elements, the sheer number of class choices, the possibility for co-op multiplayer action (and assistance), there's no doubt Elden Ring will attract an even wider audience beyond the usual mould. It sounds like both hardcore fans, and those being newly introduced to FromSoft games, have plenty of reasons to be excited.

Elden Ring will likely attract even more gamers intrigued by the overwhelmingly positive reviews and drastically lower price-point than we would expect from one of the biggest releases of the year. If you want to preorder the game, I've left links just below.

Preorder Elden Ring Launch Edition in the UK

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