Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Trover Saves the Universe Ad Features Rick and Morty

Fans get a tiny bit of Rick and Morty before season 4 in the new Trover Saves The Universe Trailer.

Trover Saves The Universe is the new VR action platformer from Rick and Morty co-creator and head of Squanch Games, Justin Roiland. The game, which we thought was, “great” by the way, came out last week. And now thanks to Roiland’s unmistakable voice, we’ve got a new trailer featuring the multiverse’s most schwifty duo.

The trailer, which features Rick and Morty sitting in their living room and watching gameplay of Trover Saves The Universe, is filled with in-jokes and fourth-wall breaks. Of course, Morty is excited and Rick is dismissive throughout, even going as far as to ask if Adult Swim know that they’re doing this promotion.

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