Saturday, June 22, 2019

6 Classic Memes That Started At E3

How do you do, fellow kids? Since the earliest days of the internet, E3 has been a time when gamers around the world flock to their favorite message boards, chat rooms, comment sections and social networks to fire off their hottest takes on all the massive video game announcements.

While some of the biggest new video games will become old and forgotten over time, some of the memes to come out E3 have proven to have a lasting legacy.

Giant Enemy Crab

At Sony’s 2006 E3 conference, they showed off Genji: Days of the Blade, a game that promised historically accurate battles that actually took place in ancient Japan, yet also had players fighting... a giant enemy crab? This anachronistic arthropod went on to inspire numerous memes, and even landed itself a cameo in Scribblenauts.

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