Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Fall Guys Sounds Like a Battle Royale, But It's Actually a Playable Game Show

Fall Guys has been pitched as a battle royale of sorts, and while Mediatonic’s game is clearly standing on the shoulders of gaming’s current craze for slowly whittled 100-player match-ups, it borrows far more from madcap game shows than nervy shooters.

There’s Double Dare’s technicolour palette, and Gladiators’ violent soft-play aesthetic, but above all, there’s the “many become few” mini-game format of Takeshi’s Castle (or MXC if you’re from the US), in which physical games act as an elimination gateway for numerous contestants, getting harder and harder until the final round leaves just a few standing.

Fall Guys sees 100 players choose and name a wobbling, top-heavy avatar - think Gang Beasts’ jelly-like protagonists and you’ll get the idea - before being sent through a gauntlet of semi-random games, each ending in a swathe of players being eliminated before the next round begins.

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