Friday, June 21, 2019

Destroy All Humans! Remake: New Tweaks to an Old Formula

The only assets Black Forest Games has taken from 2005’s Destroy All Humans! are the original voice lines and music. Every other aspect has been rebuilt to bring alien anti-hero Cryptosporidium 137 aka Crypto back to our screens. The developers describe this new outing as “not a remake, but a remake of what people remember it being”. In my short time seeing the game I knew exactly what they meant, for better or worse.

At its core, Destroy All Humans! is still about exactly that: destroying all humans. Their towns, army bases and general peace of mind. It’s a third-person shooter but also incorporates stealth elements, and vehicle combat when commanding Crypto’s Saucer. You’re encouraged to cause as much destruction as possible, raining death from above, then strolling through the ruins finding new and interesting ways to interfere with the survivors.

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