Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Maneater Is a Deranged, Open World Shark-PG

Maneater is an open-world action game presented as a reality show about a vengeful shark, narrated by SNL and Archer’s Chris Parnell. Somehow, that’s not the strangest part of it. This Tripwire-developed passion project has you chomping your way through several underwater ecosystems, growing and evolving as you go, allowing you to enter harsher waters, all while terrorising the surface world on the hunt for your meaty end-goal. It’s basically F**ko the Dolphin.

In a hands-off demo at E3, my first impression is that Maneater looks far nicer than expected, an oversaturated city casting harsh neon light over a polluted bay as a single fin pokes out of the swell. My second impression is that the shark that fin’s attached to has just grabbed a nearby swimmer in its teeth, breached 20 feet out of the water and whipped the remaining half of the still-screaming man into a concrete bridge strut with a bloody pop. I’m giggling despite myself.

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