Monday, June 3, 2019

Outer Wilds Is the Coolest Game I Can't Talk About

It’s barely June and there are still a whole lot more games to come, but Outer Wilds is currently sitting at the front of the pack for my personal Game of the Year. It’s charming, unique, clever, and full of incredible moments that I don’t want to tell you a damn thing about.

So much of this space-camping-themed exploration game is about getting in your rocket, picking a planet in its expansive but intimate hand-crafted solar system to fly to, and then seeing what mysteries you can piece together for yourself when you get there. It’s full of serene views, exciting thrills, challenging platforming (sometimes in zero-gravity), creative puzzles, and a captivating story told through the ruins of an ancient civilization – and you owe it to yourself to experience all of the above firsthand.

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