Monday, June 10, 2019

Microsoft Aiming for a First-Party Xbox Game About Every Three Months

Matt Booty, head of Microsoft's Xbox Game Studios, has said that his team is aiming to release a first-party Xbox game about every three months.

Speaking to IGN's Ryan McCaffrey, Booty was asked if there was any goal or cadence at which Microsoft wished to release its first-party games.

Booty responded that Xbox Game Pass is "the main driver" for a release schedule as Microsoft wants to ensure there is a "steady stream of games" coming into the subscription service for both PC and console.

For Booty and Microsoft, "every three months feels about right."

"I think about like how long you spend with a game and just sort of the cadence of discovery there," Booty explained. "So if you can do a game every three months, and if a game takes somewhere between two years and four years, I mean, just think about things that have come out recently, you know, things like Red Dead and God of War need to be getting into five, six years. Right? But let's just say for the sorts of studios, like a Ninja theory or a double fine that two, three years starts to be the cadence, right?

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