Friday, June 14, 2019

Krypton's Lobo Explained

With the strength of Superman and the attitude of Wolverine, it's little wonder that Lobo is one of the most popular characters in the DC Universe. And now this bad-a$$ space biker is due for a major popularity boost in the years ahead, as he's making his live-action debut on Syfy's Krypton, has a spin-off series in development at the network too, and he could also finally be getting his own movie.

Reports emerged in 2018 that Transformers director Michael Bay had met with Warner Bros. and DC about possibly directing a Lobo movie, and had also given the studio some notes on a rewrite of the film's script. This all means now is the perfect time to brush up on all things Lobo and learn why the Main Man has earned himself such a loyal following.

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