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What to Expect from Lineage2M


Based in the fantasy universe of Lineage, Lineage2M is a mobile MMORPG set in the open world of Aden full of monsters, treasure, and adventure alike.

So, what exactly differentiates Lineage2M in a crowded genre?

Lineage2M is here, and developer NCSOFT aims to bring a host of innovations to the genre. From a vast, seamless open world; to bosses that compel both collaboration and competition on a large scale; to gameplay systems that reward you for your playing time -- here are some of the key features you can expect in Lineage2M.


Lineage2M’s character and environmental visuals don’t stutter even in full 3D on your mobile device. For example, when taking down detailed boss monsters with dozens or hundreds of other players simultaneously, the graphics remain fluid.

Additionally, each class of character has its own distinctive visual stylings that evolve with experience. As you ascend through the ranks of your chosen class, your wardrobe, weapons, armor, and items become more ornate and decorated.

While the game gets into the micro details of patterns and fabrics, Lineage2M’s world of Aden is an estimated 240 million square meters and is incredibly diverse. Due to an emphasis on the smallest details, each village and field has its own unique features and characteristics which are reflected by the bosses who inhabit them, and the items that can be found there.


As long as you’re willing to log in and maintain at least a minimal presence, you can make steady progress in this game. Persistent players can expect a substantive level of growth simply by showing up to earn daily benefits, on-time push rewards, passes, and more.

One of these mechanisms is called Daily Benefits, and it provides essential goods for character development. By clicking on the Menu > ‘Daily’ tab, you’ll receive free items as daily benefits. On the last day of a Daily Benefit streak, you’ll get a high-value reward. In this way, anyone who plays every day can be guaranteed to upgrade their character’s specs.

Another way you can level-up your character is through On-time Rewards. Tools and items necessary for character development are dropped with notifications at a set time every day. To obtain these rewards you must check for them via the ‘Mail’ tab, but they are time sensitive and if you don’t open your mail promptly, the offers expire.

Additional support for character advancement will be provided through a newly introduced Pass System at the game’s global launch. Users can use ‘Aden Pass’, with which they can complete tasks and obtain rewards, and 'Beginner's Pass', with which they can experience and complete core quests and get a Epic-grade skillbook.


Lineage2M's in-game content is designed to allow users to make progress through consistent gameplay. There are three ways you can take advantage of this philosophy:

Class Path: The acquisition of ‘Class’ is mainly achieved through Class Cards. However, thanks to this ‘path’ system, users can advance to a higher rank of their chosen class when a certain level is achieved, which means if you put in steady play, you’re guaranteed to accumulate cards and level-up.

Codex: Items acquired during gameplay may seem unnecessary at first, but that’s only before you get to know about the Codex system This system allows users to level-up using excess items they acquire during gameplay. This means if you play a lot, you’ll naturally achieve high Codex completion and accumulate many items that may not be of use to your character or class, but in Lineage2M you’ll receive compensatory stats and buffs for those objects and your efforts.

Card Fusion: Like any random drawing, you’ll sometimes find yourself with duplicate Class and Agathion cards. By ‘fusing’ your redundant cards, you can essentially create new Class/Agathion cards. In fact, there’s a chance you can mint a more powerful card by performing fusion, so the more duplicate class/Agathion cards you amass, the better your probability of acquiring a higher-grade card.


Designed to be played across multiple platforms, Lineage2M benefits from the latest gaming software tech including:

PC PURPLE: PC PURPLE provides an optimized PC and crossplay environment by supporting up to 4K resolution graphics and customization of control keys.

Remote Play: On Mobile PURPLE, you can play the game originally installed on your PC, through your phone. For example, after starting a Lineage2M playing session on a PC at home, you can keep playing on your mobile device through Mobile PURPLE someplace else, or even on the go.

PURPLEtalk: With PURPLEtalk, you can chat in-game and in real-time without being connected to the game channel. The acoustic quality means you don’t need to use another voice channel, which comes in handy when playing with friends or clan members.


While features like these make Lineage2M notable, only you can decide if the game is a worthy entrant in a crowded MMORPG arena.

For PC users, PURPLE is available for download on the official website. For Mobile users, you can download at Play Store and App Store.

For more details about Lineage2M, visit the official website.

Lineage2M is available now.

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* Official Lineage2M YouTube

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