Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Best Racing Game Of 2021: Forza Horizon 5

As a series, Forza Horizon has been on a roll for some time. After visiting Australia in the third installment and touring Great Britain in the fourth, we’ve known for some time that the newest and fifth entry in the long-running racer would transport us to the idyllic environs of Mexico. But it wasn’t until we got the final game in our hands that it became clear; Playground Games has gone above and beyond, crafting one of the best looking new-gen games on the market, and filling it with some of the most entertaining racing experiences in memory.

A good opener can go a long way to setting a game’s tone, and Forza Horizon 5 nails the landing – both figuratively and literally. In a rollicking opening sequence, one vehicle after another goes parachuting out from a cargo plane, dropping into various locales across Mexico. In just a few short minutes, the game makes a case for its tremendous potential, showing off everything from muddy offroad races through rivers and jungles, to blazing street races in supercars most of us will never drive in real life. Read more...

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