Monday, December 20, 2021

Nintendo Is Expecting Its Servers to Be Overloaded Over Christmas Weekend

Nintendo says it's expecting to see server issues over the Christmas weekend, particularly with regard to creating Nintendo Accounts.

In a tweet on its Japanese customer service account, the company (per Google Translate) wrote:

"This weekend, access will be concentrated on the server of #Nintendo Account, and it is expected that Nintendo Account will not be created immediately. If you are planning to use the Nintendo Switch family for the first time, we recommend that you create it in advance."

Currently, Nintendo is only addressing possible issues with account creation, and advising those buying Switches for the first time to create Nintendo Accounts ahead of the weekend, when many will be opening up Switches on Christmas Day.

It's worth pointing out that server overloads seemingly caused more serious issues last year, with the entire Nintendo eShop going down on Christmas Day, meaning games couldn't be purchased or downloaded.

While Nintendo isn't specifcially pointing to a repeat of that problem this year, it may be worth bearing that in mind. If you've bought a Switch for someone else this Christmas, it might be worth creating an account and downloading games in advance, just in case.

We've contacted Nintendo for comment on the tweet, and will update with any statement.

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