Monday, December 27, 2021

Best Adventure Game Of 2021: Life Is Strange: True Colors

I don’t cry easily. That isn’t a brag; I just know that I’m built in such a way that I often feel disconnected from my emotions. In other words, it takes a powerfully constructed piece of storytelling to crack through my emotional outer bark. Life is Strange: True Colors is that kind of storytelling. Deck Nine’s affective adventure game didn’t just punch through my hard outer shell. It sliced through me like a hot iron.

True Colors isn’t an action-packed thrill ride, but its narrative is incredibly engrossing and hard to put down nonetheless. From the jump, players meet Alex Chen, a young woman re-entering society after a stint in a foster care center. As the game opens, Alex arrives in the small mountain town of Haven Springs, Colorado, to live with her brother. However, after Alex and her friends get caught in a mining demolition explosion, Alex is thrust into a larger corporate coverup that tears apart the lives of nearly everyone in town. Read more...

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