Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Some Halo Infinite Players Are Suffering a Save-Wiping Glitch

A number of Halo Infinite players have reported coming across a save-wiping glitch in the game, affecting both single-player and multiplayer gameplay.

As reported by players on resetEra and Halo Waypoint (and spotted by VG247), Halo Infinite appears to contain a bug that is causing players to load into the game from a third-person perspective before breaking their save files completely.

The issue itself is reportedly affecting both Xbox and PC payers and seems to be caused by a login-related bug. resetEra user 99humanity reports that after launching the game they would load into the campaign in third-person mode with Master Chief clipping through the floor. When attempting to head back to the menu and relaunch their progress, the user notes that their save file would fail to load and display as if they'd completed 0% of the campaign.

Prior to the issue, 99humanity notes that they had experienced the Xbox Sign-In pop-up prompting them to click "Let's go" and log back into the platform. Other users who have experienced similar problems with the campaign have also noted receiving the same prompt. While 343 hasn't commented on the root cause of the issue, it appears that it stems from a double login attempt taking place after clicking the "Let's go" option when it pops up in the Halo menus.

According to 99humanity, the double login may come about due to a number of reasons. These include plugging in a second controller, a controller disconnecting and reconnecting, and when using the quick resume feature on Xbox if you had been previously playing a game where multiple users were signed into the same account.

In addition to other reports, YouTube creator Dustin K has uploaded a video to their channel breaking down their experience. During the clip, the YouTuber forces the login popup to generate after repeatedly disconnecting and reconnecting their controller and suffers similar issues with their campaign save files. The YouTuber also notes some possible fixes for the issue for players who are playing the game across multiple devices.

As per VG247, the double login bug also appears to be affecting multiplayer gameplay, though in this case, the issue is causing players to spawn through the floor mid-game. The double login bug isn't the first that Halo Infinite has featured where reports stem from the use of Xbox's quick resume function.

Last week, 343 warned players against using quick resume when playing Infinite's campaign as it is causing an issue that stops multiplayer cosmetics earned in the game's campaign from showing up in your multiplayer inventory. Currently, 343 hasn't specified a time frame for a fix on the issue, though the studio has stated it's something that it is working on.

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source https://www.ign.com/articles/halo-infinite-save-wiping-glitch

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