Wednesday, December 15, 2021

New Nintendo Patents Hint at Zelda Breath of the Wild Sequel Gameplay Features

New patents filed by Nintendo appear to hint at gameplay features for the upcoming sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

As spotted by GameReactor, Nintendo recently filed three new patents with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) that appear to detail gameplay mechanics set to feature in Breath of the Wild’s sequel. These patents bare a number of similarities to gameplay mechanics seen in the game’s most recent E3 trailer.

Each of the patents listed with the WIPO comes paired with a diagram showing a character performing various actions that appear to match up with moves already showcased for the game.

The first patent, which is filed under item number 'US20210370179', is currently being unofficially referred to as ‘Free Falling’ by the Zelda community. The patent describes a move performed by the player character (Link) that will cause him to perform a “special action” while moving through the air and shooting an arrow toward an object. During the opening of the game’s E3 trailer, Link can be seen performing a similar fall through the air, which has led to speculation surrounding the move.

Nintendo’s second patent (US20210370175) similarly describes a mechanic performed by Link in the trailer; it details an action where the player is able to pass through solid objects positioned above them. About midway through the sequel’s teaser, Link does this as he pushes his way through a large rock overhang to reappear on the other side.

The final patent (US20210370178), which has been given the name 'Rewind' by members of the community, does exactly what its name suggests. The patent describes an ability to affect movement related parameters on objects in the game, so as to return such items to their previously recorded positions. Or, in simpler terms, you’ll be able to turn back time on an object so that it returns to the position it once was. Again, this mechanic seems to also feature in the game’s E3 trailer when Link reverses a spike-covered boulder in order to outsmart a number of enemies.

While the mechanics seem to match up alongside actions performed by Link in the trailer pretty closely, it’s important to note that Nintendo hasn’t publicly commented on their purpose. With Breath of the Wild's sequel set to launch sometime in next year, there’s likely to be some time yet before fans are able to jump into the game and see what the final product has in store.

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