Thursday, December 2, 2021

Halo Infinite: Sniper Gets 23-Player Killing Spree With One Bullet

Halo Infinite’s full release is just around the corner, and several players have already taken a liking to its free-to-play multiplayer mode. One player, in particular, named “Sakana,” posted a ridiculous clip (seen below) to Twitter, showcasing the stopping power of one of the franchise’s most popular rifles. With one sniper bullet, 23 players are eliminated in mere seconds. 

Impressive, right? Sure, Sakana got a bunch of buddies to stand single-file, but the results are still cool as hell. Watching the kill-points increase and the red-hued damage indicator flash per each downed Spartan is pretty satisfying. The only highlight that could top this would be if 23 players somehow lined up inadvertently in the middle of a standard multiplayer match. Let’s see how many people load into big team battles in the hopes of achieving this legendary feat. Trust me, you’re more likely to get a 23-player killing spree by playing the game mode normally. 

This isn’t the only wild thing that people have done in Halo Infinite. We’ve seen players grapple the vehicle bumpers as if wakeboarding … but without the board. We’ve learned that Spartans can lob fusion coils with NFL-level arm strength. The list goes on and on and will likely extend to Infinite’s single-player mode when it releases on December 8 for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. 

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That 23-player killing spree was nuts, right? Let us know what other zany stunts you’ve seen in the latest Halo installment!

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