Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Exclusive: Magic: The Gathering’s Secret Arcane Crossover Cards Revealed

The contents of Magic: The Gathering's Secret Lair crossover with Netflix’s Arcane were technically revealed a couple of weeks ago, but we’ve got an exclusive look at the final two “hidden” cards that have yet to be shown off.

The Arcane Secret Lair is spread across two drops, one that features seven reskinned reprints of existing cards and the other with one of each basic land card, all of which use scenes from the TV show itself for their art. Each drop will also include one hidden card not listed in its contents: Gromp for the reprinted card drop and Summoner’s Rift for the land drop, which are reskinned versions of Spore Frog and Command Tower, respectively.

You can click through the gallery above to see both the two hidden cards and the rest of the cards in each Arcane drop.

Unlike the other cards in the Arcane Secret Lair, these two hidden cards don’t actually depict moments taken directly from the Netflix show and don’t use stills from it for their art. Instead, both Gromp and Summoner’s Rift are subjects taken more from League of Legends as a game, with their cards even using existing key art from that instead.

Hidden cards are nothing new for Secret Lairs, with most drops including one of some kind or another, but they aren’t always necessarily a custom card paired with the theme of the drop like these are. For example, the one from the Stranger Things crossover earlier this year depicts Hawkins National Laboratory, but other drops might simply contain an unrelated card with a special art treatment.

The Arcane drops are available for pre-order in both foil and non-foil versions on the Secret Lair website until December 23. The show itself has had success of its own lately too, with IGN’s Arcane Season 1 review getting a 10. On top of that, it also won our award for the best animated TV series of 2021 and earned a nomination for the best TV show of 2021 overall.

This is far from the last licensed crossover developer Wizards of the Coast has planned for Magic: The Gathering too, with Secret Lairs for Street Fighter and Fortnite already announced for 2022. I recently spoke to folk across the Magic community about these crossover initiatives as well, and found many players are split on what they could mean for the future of the nearly 30-year-old game.


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