Thursday, December 9, 2021

Bungie and Nerf Releasing a Real-Life Gjallarhorn

One of Destiny's most recognizable weapons is getting its own real-life Nerf overhaul. That's right, Bungie is partnering up alongside toy-weapon creators Nerf to bring out their own foam-firing Gjallarhorn.

Now listed on the Bungie store, the toy version of the legendary Destiny rocket launcher which will be available to pre-order in late 2022.

The weapon, which is being redesigned with Nerf's iconic orange lick of paint, is being designed at a 1:1 scale of its video game counterpart and will measure more than 4 feet in size. Similar to its appearance in Destiny, the Nerf weaponry will fire its own version of the launcher's Wolfpack rounds in the form of a "first-of-its kind Mega" that will launch three darts at once from inside the shell. The weapon will also feature a breach loading mechanism inspired by the game, as well as an illuminated scope.

While pre-orders for the weapon aren't yet available, the Nerf Gjallarhorn is currently listed at $160. Early access to pre-orders will be granted to players who acquire the in-game version of Gjallarhorn by completing Destiny 2's new dungeon as part of the newly released 30th Anniversary Pack before August 1, 2022. Despite Bungie not confirming an official date for early access pre-orders, the studio has said that players who are eligible at the time will be notified by email.

Bungie brought back the Gjallarhorn in Destiny 2 this week as part of a special 30th Anniversary Pack. As part of the celebrations, the studio also revealed a number of new Halo-themed weapons that include Destiny-themed takes on the Battle Rifle, Energy Sword, and more.

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