Monday, August 3, 2020

Warframe's Heart of Deimos Expansion Arrives August 25

On August 25, Warfame players can begin exploring the Heart of Deimos expansion on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC. There's a lot going on in this open-world expansion, but perhaps the most significant update coming with this big patch doesn't even involve the terrifying fleshworld and its chilling inhabitants - a major overhaul to the new player experience.

If you don't already have hundreds of hours invested into the world of Warframe, jumping in can be intimidating, which the new user experience will be instrumental in addressing. Then, you can take your journey to Deimos, a place full of horrors both above and below the moon's surface as you take on infested aberrations. You won't face these challenges without some new gear, like new pilotable "necramechs" and infested K-Drives. There's a lot of scary stuff out there. There will be new gear and a new warframe to help as well!

Want to know more? You can watch a MASSIVE demo featuring 30+ minutes of Deimos action right here.

Click here to watch embedded media


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