Monday, August 31, 2020

Halo Infinite Teams Up With Monster Energy

While Halo Infinite is delayed to 2021, a partnership between Monster Energy and Halo Infinite begins now. You can pick up Monster Energy Halo Infinite drinks to earn XP bonuses, bank them, stack them, and get ready to put in those long energy drink fueled shooty hours.

Okay, so XP bonuses are nice but what else? Snapcodes. Yeah that's right. Halo Infinite Snapchat filters. I don't know what the hell people do on Snapchat to be honest, but I had fun with the filters on Instagram once, so it's probably pretty cool.

Finally, the partnership has a veritable arsenal of weapon skins, weapon emblems, and player emblems to unlock. These are probably the most enticing reason to get players to pound some cans of caffeinated candy. They actually look pretty slick. 

You can read more about the promotion and partnership over on the official Xbox site.

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