Thursday, August 27, 2020

Geoff Keighley Weighs in on PS5 and Xbox Series X

In the latest episode of IGN Unfiltered, Geoff Keighley talked about the upcoming launch of the Xbox Series X and PS5, and how the philosophies of each platform impact their standing. Ryan McCaffrey sat down with Keighley to discuss a wide range of topics in the latest episode of IGN Unfiltered, including his friendship with Hideo Kojima, Keighley's storied history with awards shows, the cancellation of E3, what the 2020 Game Awards will be like, and much, much more. [ignvideo url=""] When asked about his thoughts on the upcoming generation of consoles, and the current position both Sony and Microsoft occupy in the console landscape, Keighley said, "What I will say overall is, I'm amazed that two new consoles are coming out this year, in this environment... In terms of the positioning of the machines... they're going down different paths. "I think PlayStation is in a really strong position. I think [the] PS5 [is a] great machine... the controller, which I've got to play with, is really, really cool. An amazing lineup of first-party games. They're kind of running the same play that they've run before, and [it] worked really well for them. The games they showed in their lineup... the SSD stuff looks incredible. So I'm excited about that." [ignvideo url=""] "Xbox is playing a different game. I think the Game Pass stuff is a really compelling story for them... I think Xbox has a good story as well, and a different story than what Sony is approaching... I think Xbox has to really deliver the great first-party games. That's always the challenge for them, and I think Halo had its challenges [at the Xbox Games Showcase] when they showed it." Following the interview, it was announced that Halo Infinite will be pushed to 2021, meaning it will no longer be a launch title for Series X. Check out the Next-Gen Console Watch discussion on the ramifications of this announcement. "Who knows what Sony has for launch? They've been kind of vague about it. They have a lot of games coming, but what's actually coming at launch, around it? And overall, I think it's a different generation, because... I think one of the biggest launch games is going to be Cyberpunk for all of these systems, which is just gonna run better on [Series X and PS5], but [it has] forwards and backwards compatibility, so it's different. [ignvideo url=""] "I think Sony has a really strong story to tell. We don't know what the price is there, but I'm really excited about some of the games that I've seen there. Sony's mastery of these incredibly rich single-player experiences. I think Xbox has a really good story about value for gamers, around a lot of diversity of choice. "I think Sony's challenge will be... the price and the premium experience, and making sure that people are able to... purchase into that this year. Xbox's challenge, I think, is that Game Pass is great, but it's gotta have the really great flagship games in it. You don't want it to... be like your 'basic cable package,' where it's like, 'It has a lot of cool stuff, but what I really want is HBO' and those games are outside of Game Pass... That's kind of a long-winded answer, but I'm really excited about the new consoles. I think both consoles have really unique, interesting stories to tell." For more interviews with the best, brightest, most fascinating minds in the games industry, check out be sure to check out every episode of IGN Unfiltered, which includes talks with Master Chief co-creator Marcus Lehto, 343's Bonnie Ross, Valve's Robin Walker & Chris Remo, Respawn's Stig Asmussen, and many, many more.

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