Monday, August 17, 2020

Ghost Of Tsushima Getting Free Co-Op Multiplayer Content

Have you been enjoying petting foxes, chasing the wind, and coming up with cool ways to take on powerful encampments in Ghost of Tsushima? Maybe you're just watching bears drown bad guys.

Ghost of Tsushima is getting a free cooperative multiplayer experience later this fall known as Ghost of Tsushima: Legends. It's an online experience that suits 2-4 players that can all play as unique character classes. Play as a Hunter, Ronin, Assassin, or Samurai.

Offerings differ on the amount of friends (or random matchmaker players. Randoms are just friends you haven't met yet, right?) you can field. With two players, you can participating in story-style tasks of escalating difficulty that require coordinating with your partner.

Four players can take on wave-based survival quests, including incredibly challenging encounters featuring Oni. Yep. Demons and magic powers and stuff. That should be interesting!

Shortly after Ghosts of Tsushima: Legends launches, a raid experience will be released for four players. This one takes you to a new realm to fight a "brutal new enemy". Based on the previous information, this thing is probably a jaunt into a demon realm to take on some absolutely crazy stuff. Check out the trailer below!

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You can read more about Ghost of Tsushima: Legends over at the official PlayStation blog.

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