Thursday, August 6, 2020

Epic Releases Free-To-Play Episodic Sitcom Game

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Terrible Posture is best know for its work on roguelike shooters, such as Tower of Guns and Mothergunship, but the company's newest title is a bit different. 3 Out Of 10 is an episodic playable sitcom about all the wacky antics happening inside a terrible game development studio called Shovelworks. Each episode only takes about 30 minutes to play, and they are set to release every Thursday over the next five weeks, exclusively on the Epic Game Store.

3 Out Of 10 is completely free to play, so its not too much of a commitment. Episode 1 - “Welcome to Shovelworks," is out now, but based on what we played, the humor might not work for everyone.

“Ask any game developer and you’ll get the same story,” says Terrible Posture Games creative director Joe Mirabello. “They’re working late, making art, getting up to stretch. Maybe they sneak into the kitchen to grab a snack. Suddenly, they realize the company fridge is inhabited by a Lovecraftian nightmare tentacle and then the Lead Animator spontaneously explodes (it happens, look it up) and then you find out someone drank all the Orange Crush. Times like that, you just gotta calm down and remember why you love this industry. And then make a game about it.”

Check out a quick look at the game for yourself by watching our New Gameplay Today video right here.

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