Tuesday, April 6, 2021

One Chef's Take On Monster Hunter Food Recreated In Real Life Is Making Us Deliciously Hungry

There are many games out there that have delicious-looking food, and the Monster Hunter franchise is definitely among them. While I can't even seem to cook a pop tart without setting the kitchen on fire, one chef shared his take on some of the tastier Monster Hunter recipes out there, and everything made looks yum. 

The channel in question Is called Babish Culinary Universe, and creator Andrew Rea decided to give Monster Hunter fans something to truly drool over: amazing food. As spotted by the folks over at ComicBookthe below video is honestly awesome for anyone, even if they aren't fans of the Capcom franchise.

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The meal today? The Chef's Choice Platter. If you've played Monster Hunter: World, then this dish will look very familiar to you. Seafood, rice, chicken, cheese, and various other meats all compile to make one hearty meal. Now the question is...how do I become friends with Andrew Rea? 

I'm kidding...unless...

In the video, Rea explains the process of creating the skewers, the mussels, and the paella that was inspired by bibimbap. "The Chef’s Choice Platter has haunted me for years," said Rea in the video's description. "A glorious, cross-cultural mishmash of cuisines piled high and deep, devoured by a warrior and downed with a flagon of ale. Then it dawned on me: it was a “chef’s choice” platter, and I’m the chef! So I’m making what I want and devouring it like a warrior - slowly, in sensible portions, as leftovers throughout the week."

Interested in making the Monster Hunter feast for yourself? He also helpfully shared the recipe for those at home looking to test their culinary skills, which can be found here

If you're interested in more gaming takes, you can check out his full channel. It's impressive and almost enough to make me want to try to learn how to cook for real this time. We're still TBD on that, but for now, at least, we have this cool video to inspire us.

What are your thoughts on this faithful Monster Hunter recreation? What other meals from video games would you like to see him tackle next? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below! Do it for the palicoes

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