Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Apex Legends Devs Working on System To Compensate Players Affected by Cheaters

Respawn Entertainment is looking into creating a system that will compensate players who had their games ruined by cheaters. In a new series, Respawn Responds, Apex Legends design director Jason McCord discussed the negative impact cheaters can have on other players. If a player wins their games using cheats, others players in the match are unfairly marked down as a loss. Respawn is looking at how to retrospectively correct that. “We are currently looking into what we can do for players that have had their game impacted by a cheater,” he says. “This might look something like retroactive loss forgiveness, where you’ll get your RP back if we find that you had a cheater in your ranked match.” [ignvideo url=""] On the other side of the situation, Respawn are also looking at ensuring players who don’t cheat but who do benefit from cheats are also punished. For example, a cheater can help boost two other non-cheating teammates by cheating the whole team to victory. Respawn is able to detect this, but currently needs to streamline the manual components of the process to improve these efforts. In order to provide some positive feedback to honest players, Respawn is also looking at sending a message to players if a cheater they reported is eventually banned. McCord's language in these discussions makes it seem like these are all on-going conversations, so the eventual manifestation of these solutions is yet to be nailed down, and thus may be some distance away. For something coming sooner, Respawn has promised that Apex Legends Season 9 will feature “a ton” of Titanfall content.


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