Monday, November 11, 2019

Rainbow Six Siege's Kali and Wamai Are Year 4's Stand-Out Operators

Rainbow Six Siege’s next season, Operation Shifting Tides, introduces two new operators that seem perfectly on track to be the most popular additions of the year. One brings an entirely new weapon to the table - the beloved bolt-action sniper rifle - while the other can deploy sci-fi-like traps that catch grenades. Both are exciting new prospects.

To learn more, we visited Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege design studio in Montreal to talk to game designer Emilien Lomet about the ideas behind the new operators, and how they fit into a Rainbow Six team.

First up is Kali, an attacking operator armed with the devastating CSRX 300 sniper rifle. Fitted with a chunky 12x zoom scope, it’s the most powerful gun ever added to the game, capable of blowing a hole through two soft walls with a single shot. Offsetting this power is a painfully slow reload between rounds, thanks to its bolt-action system.

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