Friday, November 15, 2019

Halo: MCC Hands-On - Reach On PC Is Almost Perfect

It’s hard to think of a console FPS that is more deserving of a PC release than Halo. Bungie’s beloved series of super-solder simulators practically defined a generation of shooters, and at the time it was a crime that most of them were not playable with a mouse and keyboard. Microsoft’s upcoming re-release of the Master Chief Collection rectifies that. But while this version ensures the world of Halo looks and sounds better than it ever has, it feels that it has arrived a decade too late to show the games off at their best.

At X019 in London I was able to go hands-on with the first mission of Halo: Reach on PC. As Bungie’s last Halo game, it is naturally the prettiest of that era of the series. Particle effects erupt and shower from plasma weapons, and environmental lighting reflects beautifully across the surfaces of the Covenant enemies’ carapace armour. It’s the ideal game in the collection to show off MCC on PC’s 4K60 capabilities. While the upgrade doesn't quite make Reach look as if it were released yesterday - the lighting notably anchors the game in the era of the Xbox 360 - it’s still pleasantly handsome.

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