Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Rockstar Apologises for Shaky Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Launch

Rockstar has apologised for issues that have impacted some players in the wake of Red Dead Redemption 2’s launch, and has also released a new update featuring several fixes.

“Over the past week, we have been working as quickly as possible to address issues that have impacted the launch of the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2,” the publisher said in a statement published via the Rockstar Newswire. “As a result, we have already identified and resolved a number of these issues by deploying fixes to the Rockstar Games Launcher and some to the game itself.”

“However, we are aware that a small number of Red Dead Redemption 2 PC players are still experiencing some ongoing problems with the game stuttering. We believe this is due to unforeseen issues related to specific combinations of Nvidia graphics drivers, Nvidia GPU cards, and certain CPUs.

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