Friday, November 15, 2019

Bleeding Edge Hands-On - The Ugly Joy Of The MOBA Tangle

There’s absolutely no need to reiterate the enduring popularity of the MOBA in a world where League of Legends consistently draws in the biggest crowds and the most dedicated player base. But Bleeding Edge is a good reminder of how mechanics that were once deemed complex and inaccessible are now a mainstay in the inventory of core gaming components.

To be clear: Bleeding Edge is not a MOBA. But during a quick hands-on at X019 in London I found that, thanks to its close-quarters nature, it feels notably closer to the likes of LoL and Smite rather than hero shooters such as Overwatch. Each tussle and tangle has the feeling of deliberate, skillful chaos that’s unique to MOBAs, with your disengage and escape skills being as vital as your damage abilities.

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