Friday, November 22, 2019

Darksiders Genesis: The Final Preview

After playing through the first two chapters of Darksiders Genesis, my biggest takeaway is how decidedly unlike Diablo it actually is, despite how Diablo-y it looks. There’s no gear, there are no level-ups, no skill trees, there’s a much more elaborate melee combat system with strong and weak attacks, and really, rather than reminding me of Diablo, it reminded me of the very first Darksiders game, just with a different perspective and a second playable character.

Of course, part of that likely has to do with the fact that in Darksiders Genesis, you can either choose to play as the protagonist of Darksiders 1, War, or his brother, the gun-wielding Strife, who finally makes his playable debut in a Darksiders game. There’s a great split in the abilities and playstyles of the two characters, with War playing almost exactly like his Darksiders 1 counterpart, right down to having mostly the same moves and tools at his disposal. War can deal big melee damage by juggling opponents with air combos, utilize a crowd-clearing AoE special move, and unlike Strife, he can block enemy attacks as well.

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