Friday, March 4, 2022

Triangle Strategy Is on Sale for $49.94

Do you have a Final Fantasy Tactics-shaped hole in your heart? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that Triangle Strategy is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Published by Square Enix and developed by the team behind Octopath Traveler, Triangle Strategy is a modern take on a particular kind of fantasy strategy game. It’s out now at a variety of retailers, but Walmart has it on sale for $49.94.

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All the usual retailers have Triangle Strategy, but we're tracking any and all deals here.

Triangle Strategy Demo

If you want to kick this game’s tires before throwing down money, you can download a demo of Triangle Strategy right now on the Nintendo eShop. Your progress from the demo will carry over to the full game, which is a pretty sweet little bonus.

What is Triangle Strategy?

Triangle Strategy is another of what Square Enix is calling “HD-2D” games. That means the art style is roughly 16-bit, harking back to the golden age of JRPGs, but the graphics use modern flourishes like 3D and tilt-shift effects. It comes together nicely, as anyone familiar with Octopath Traveler can attest.

This game is a throwback to the style of Final Fantasy Tactics. As such, it’s a turn-based strategy game that has you commanding a team of warriors on multi-tiered environments to take down opposing forces. Your characters’ position on the battlefield plays into their effectiveness as well, with higher-up forces getting increased range. You can also chain together elemental reactions, like using fire to melt ice in the environment and then using lightning on the water to inflict damage.

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