Thursday, January 6, 2022

ANVIL: Vault Breakers Early Access is Available Now

ANVIL: Vault Breakers is a multiplayer, co-op, top-down, sci-fi, roguelike action shooter that has you exploring multiple galaxies in search for relics that will help humanity not only survive, but prosper.

While the full release of ANVIL: Vault Breakers is still some time away, the game has officially entered Early Access on PC and Xbox Game Preview on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One and it invites players into its world to become one of the 12 Breakers and find the greatest treasures the universe has to offer.

In celebration of its Early Access launch, we’ve partnered up with Action Square Co. to share five things you need to know about ANVIL: Vault Breakers, from what dangers and treasures await players to how death will only make you stronger.

ANVIL: Vault Breakers Is Available on Steam and Xbox Game Pass, and There Is a Demo!

ANVIL: Vault Breakers is currently available on Steam (PC), Xbox One, or Xbox Series X/S for $24.99 USD and those who purchase now will be able to lock in the price before it is potentially raised with the addition of new content.

If you are a subscriber of Xbox Game Pass, you can install the Game Preview of ANVIL: Vault Breaker at no additional cost and check out all of its action for yourself right now. If you don’t have Xbox Game Pass, there is a demo on Steam that allows you to try before you buy.

Early Access Is Only the Beginning

ANVIL: Vault Breakers entered Early Access on December 1, 2021, and the developers have confirmed that “the game progress is around 80% complete.” The core gameplay is in place, and the team wants to take this time to incorporate player feedback and add more features to make it a game people want to come back to again and again. The Early Access period will last for about a year, assuming all goes well, and there will be meaningful updates implemented every three months for the next nine months.

The full version will have more Breakers and boss monsters, new game modes, and “features that make the multiplayer mode more enjoyable.”

12 Breakers Allow For a Wide Array of Playstyles

In Early Access, ANVIL will have 12 Breakers, each of which fall into either a Shooter Type, Fighter Type, or Technician Type. The Shooter Type utilizes rifles or shotguns and has a dash ability that makes it the most evasive type of Breaker and the most deadly from a distance.

Fighter Types love to rush head first into battle with weapons like a battle axe, hammer, rocket launcher, or flamethrower. They also come equipped with a shield and have the largest of health bars.

Lastly, Technicians prefer handguns and cannons and can teleport across the battlefield and leave a clone to trick their enemies. Technician’s are meant to be a support class and work best with a full team.

The 12 Breakers available in Early Access are Jungler, Sandman, Lightning, Guillotine, Mountain, Liner, Rush, Elsa, Uzi, Toast, Shuri, and Bronte. Each Breaker has its own special ability, weapon, and difficulty level. This will allow for endless replayability and the chance to experiment to find the perfect match for you.

Death Only Makes You Stronger

In ANVIL, death only makes you stronger. The Breakers are remote-controlled by humans via a system known as Amber; meaning death is not the end but just another step towards even more power. Each run will earn players experience, relics, and currency that can then be used to further upgrade your Breakers and abilities. There are also mid-level enhancements that can be found that will help make each run just a bit easier. They each come in a choice of three and challenge you to build your Breaker for the type of run you are looking for.

Oh, and there are Toy Workers - think automated robots - that you can purchase to aid you in battle. As they always say, everything is more fun with friends.

ANVIL’s Missions Will Take You to Galaxies Filled with Treasure

Players will take on the role of a Vault Breaker and their sole mission is to find alien artifacts known as Vaults that are filled with treasure beyond humanity’s wildest imagination. As it stands, there are three galaxies to explore - Czerny, Symphonia, and Campanella - and each one has multiple planets filled with equal parts hope and danger. As with many rogue-like games, the levels themselves and mission types are randomized, so each run will always keep players on their toes.

Each run will give players a chance to collect relics and skill upgrades to help them dive even further and further into the farthest reaches of space. There will also be countless weapons to collect, and you never know when you will come across a golden legendary weapon that will make your enemies wish they were lightyears away.


As with many Early Access games, ANVIL: Vault Breakers is a work-in-progress that will be improved with time and constructive feedback. Those interested are encouraged to head over to ANVIL’s Steam store page and its official Discord to share their thoughts and read all the latest updates to the game.

As a reminder, ANVIL: Vault Breakers is available on Steam (PC), Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S right now and those who wish to try before they buy can check out the demo on Steam or download it if they have Xbox Game Pass.


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