Wednesday, January 26, 2022

PS5 Will Finally Let You Auto-Upload Captures to Mobile

The PlayStation 5 will finally allow players to have their latest screenshots and video automatically uploaded straight to mobile.

As spotted by the Twitter account Gaming Interactive Photos (and reported by VGC), fans will now be able to have their captures automatically uploaded straight to their PlasyStation mobile app. As can be seen in the tweet below, video clips sent to devices will be limited to three minutes or less while captures more generally will have an expiration period of fourteen days.

Regardless of the limitations, this still marks a step forward for Sony fans. Up until this point, players hoping to view their latest clips on mobile would either need to invest in additional equipment or upload them to social media from their consoles and then download them from there.

As per VGC, in order to check whether or not your console has already gained the feature, you'll need to head over to the Media Gallery on your console, where you should see the above pop-up appear if it's available. The feature has been in beta testing in some regions already, but appears to be rolling out worldwide now.

From the Media Gallery options, you can choose whether or not you would like the console to automatically upload your most recent screen captures to mobile, or whether you'd prefer to keep them solely on your PlayStation 5 system.

In other recent PlayStation 5 news, Sony recently launched the consoles Wrap-Up tool for 2021, which allows fans to look back at their past year with PlayStation. Similar to other Wrap-Up services, the experience allows players to look back at their own personalised data from across the last twelve months, including insights into their most played games and latest trophies as well as data on how the PlayStation community as a whole got on.

For more about the PlayStation 5's latest updates, make sure to check out this article from September detailing more about the console's latest major firmware update.

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