Thursday, September 23, 2021

Xbox Will Soon Let You Switch Back to Your 360 Gamerpic for a Hit of Pure Nostalgia

If you're sick and tired of your larger, flashier current-gen gamerpic and were blessed enough to have one dating back to the Xbox 360 days, then you're in luck. Xbox will soon let you switch back to your retro 360 gamerpic and unlock that sweet feeling of nostalgia.

Microsoft Engineering Lead Eden Marie revealed on Twitter (below) that Alpha Skip Ahead Insider players will now be able to reboot their consoles today for a new option on their "change gamerpic" screen. It's out with the new and in with the old. With the change in place for Insiders, the option should appear for regular users in the not-too-distant future.

When changing your gamerpic back to its 360 counterpart, Marie notes a few important things. Firstly, the only option you have in terms of your old 360 picture is whatever you set it to last. Not only does this mean that you might want to prepare yourself for a bit of self-reflection if it's not what you expected, but also that to change it, you'll still need to log back into your 360 console where any changes should then carry over.

When setting your 360 gamerpic on newer consoles, fans might notice that it looks a little different to how they remember. To bring it over to current-gen consoles, the 360's classic square design has been mapped over the top of a semi-transparent dark circle to ensure consistency with other current gamerpics. Unfortunately, for fans who didn't originally have a 360 gamerpic, there's no option to go back and choose one from the catalog of images available at the time.

News of the change follows a similar story that surfaced last month after Marie decided to make it her "personal mission" to fix one Twitter user's 360-era profile picture that, as a result of advances in Xbox UI, had shrunk to the size of a tiny square surrounded by a void-like grey circle. With 360 gamerpics as far back as 2006 now firmly back in play, who knows what Xbox might drag out from the late 2000s next.

For more on the Xbox Series X, make sure to check out this article discussing updates rolled out to Alpha-Skip Ahead users in August that have allowed the console's dashboard to run at a higher resolution.

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