Monday, September 27, 2021

Marvel's Avengers Spider-Man DLC Will Have Story and Cutscenes

Crystal Dynamics, the developer behind Marvel's Avengers, has confirmed that the PlayStation-exclusive Spider-Man DLC will have story content and cutscenes when it makes its long-awaited debut.

As spotted by MP1ST, Crystal Dynamics' Senior Producer Dan Matlack responded to a fan's question on the official Marvel's Avengers Discord server that asked whether or not everyone's favourite webhead would come with his own storyline. "Spider-Man is what we call an 'event' so he will have cutscenes and a story for sure," Matlack replied.

Matlack then went on to give fans a further glimpse at details of the game's first ever Raid, in which players will battle with Klaw, the primary villain of the Marvel's Avengers' last expansion, War for Wakanda. As part of the discussion, Matlack reassured fans that while the Raid may feature some familiar environments it will be a "unique" experience.

Marvel's Avengers first confirmed that Spider-Man would be coming to the game - albeit controversially as a PlayStation exclusive character - in August of last year. At the time, the character was understood to be coming during an early 2021 release window. However, fans' concerns increased when Spider-Man's introduction was delayed and a lengthy silence from the studio fell surrounding the character.

Earlier this month, however, a new roadmap for Marvel's Avengers confirmed that the developer was on track to release Spider-Man sometime before the end of 2021.

For more on Marvel's Avengers, make sure to check out our review of the game where we praised its campaign for being "fun and endearing" but criticized its "loot-based post-game" for being "unrewarding and overly repetitive".

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