Thursday, November 1, 2018

Ken Masters and Incineroar Join Super Smash Bros. Roster

Director of Nintendo, Masahiro Sakurai, announced Thursday during the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct two new fighters who are joining the roster.

So far 72 fighters have been confirmed.

The new additions include Ken Masters as a new echo fighter and Incineroar, the Pokemon who will use primarily pro wrestling moves in his fighting.

Ken's appearance is based on Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, and has a wheel attack, a focus attack, and his kicks will change based on your command inputs. The shape of Ken's Hadoken is different and he is faster than Ryu, along with having other tweaks from different previous titles.

Incineroar is the advanced evolution of Litten, who is mainly used for his wrestling moves in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – including his love to pose for the audience, which you can cancel to get him back in focus of the fight.

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