Friday, November 30, 2018

Red Dead Online Review in Progress

The Red Dead Online experience is one that stretches from moments of patient player management that are barely distinguishable from Red Dead Redemption 2’s single-player component, to the complete chaos of PvP multiplayer in indiscriminate, close-quarters slaughter. It’s proven reliable and robust for me over the past two days, even with its beta caveat, and despite a few concerns I’ve had a lot of fun of fun returning to the Wild West and carving out a fresh identity for my new avatar.

In my first two days embedded in Rockstar’s sprawling shared world I’ve hunted game, harassed griefers, hijacked a train, and had no less than three haircuts. I’ve partnered with friends to take on traditional missions bookended with well-produced cutscenes, and stalked total strangers through a shrinking section of forest with just a handful of throwing knives in small-scale battles royale. I’ve warily quaffed beers with an unknown player in a Blackwater bar and been lassoed and towed behind another player’s horse for no apparent purpose.

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