Thursday, November 4, 2021

Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 Now $140 in Early Black Friday Sales (Save $40)

You can currently save $40 on an Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller at Best Buy, bringing it down to $139.99 (see here). Best Buy's early Black Friday sales have already kicked off, with plenty of great deals to check out, including this discount on the Elite Series 2 controller.

There are plenty of other incredible Black Friday deals already live, including 15% off Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, 50% off Fire TV Stick 4K, and much more.

Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 down to $139.99 (Save $40)

Widely considered one of the best controllers ever made, getting this gamepad for just $140 is an incredible deal, especially since deals are rare for it, and it usually sits at $180 quite stubbornly. But, now you can get it at a top discount for Black Friday, an incredible result for Xbox fans.

Best Buy's Black Friday Price Guarantee

Best Buy has officially guaranteed that these prices won't go lower, even on the big Black Friday shopping day. So grab it now, and rest assured you won't find this controller at a better price later this year, at least not at Best Buy.

What Can the Elite Series 2 Controller Do?

Here's the pitch. Xbox's Elite Series 2 Controller usually comes in at around $179.99 at most retailers, with this discount you're getting it for $139.99. That's still pricey, but you're paying for premium components, customizability, and a luxury feel.

The thumbsticks, D-pad, and triggers are swappable, so you can pick the parts that feel best for you. It also comes with a rechargeable battery that can last up to 40 hours, so you won't have to go hunting for batteries as you might with the Core controller.

(Renewed) Elite Series 2 Controller for $132.42 at Amazon

If you want an even better deal, and don't mind buying a renewed product, you're in even more luck. You can currently get an Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller for just $132 at Amazon.

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