Friday, November 26, 2021

Battlefield 2042: Portal Mode Has Already Been Used to Make a Battle Royale

Battlefield 2042's Portal mode has already been used to make a Call of Duty: Warzone-style Battle Royale mode within the shooter. While featuring some interesting workarounds, the custom-made "Warfield 100" includes a pre-game lobby, randomized loot, a closing circle, and more.

As reported by MP1ST, a Reddit user going by the handle u/chbmg recently revealed that they'd created their very own Battle Royale within 2042's new Portal creation tools. "After spending more hours in the rules editor than I care to admit, I'm pleased to announce the creation of a full battle royale experience for Battlefield Portal," revealed the user on Reddit.

In the post, chbmg explains a number of features found in the mode - many of which are similar to other modern Battle Royales such as Call of Duty Warzone. While the user does note that features in Warfield 100 could change over time following tweaks and bug fixes, there's still plenty to work with in the mode's current format.

When jumping into a game of Warfield 100, players are spawned into a pre-lobby area. Equipped with a random loadout, players can use this time to engage in some handy target practice while they wait for the lobby to fill. Players are then terminated and dropped straight into the Warfield.

While the game mode hasn't quite managed to implement a battle bus or dropship to get you into the action, players entering the game-proper do come in via parachute and are equipped with a starter pistol as well as some grenades.

It's at this point where things start to get interesting. As chbmg explains in their post, the Portal editor doesn't allow the placement of objects such as ground loot for players to pick up and replace their pistol with. In a clever workaround, the Reddit user's game mode indicates to players when they are near a weapon through an on-screen message which displays the words "on-loot". From here, players must crouch repeatedly three times, at which point the Warfield gods will replace their currently held weapon with the nearby items.

Other makeshift workarounds include the game's shrinking circle, which instead of featuring deathly gas or other substances, is made up of "a bunch of "hacky" AI players" who form an outer circle and close in towards a smaller circle every two minutes. Venturing outside of the boundaries set by the circle of AI players, who are visibly highlighted in red during the mode to avoid confusion, results in players taking damage and can cause death.

Similar to Warzone, dying in Warfield 100 sends you to a prison where you can fight for your chance to escape. Where Warzone (usually) only allows you one chance in the gulag, Warfield 100 is slightly more forgiving. According to the Reddit post, each time a player dies in the game, they must make an additional kill in the prison area in order to be able to rejoin the Warfield. That kill limit is however reached if a player needs more than four kills to leave the prison - at which point they are terminated and out of the game.

Following a positive reception from those on Battlefield's subreddit, chbmg took to thanking fans for their kind words. "Wow, I didn't expect a big reception since I'm a newbie to Reddit. Thank you very much for the awards and kind words," they said before noting that the mode still needs a decent amount of work.

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