Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Halo Infinite Multiplayer: Here's What's You Can Unlock This Week

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Halo Infinite's free multiplayer experience offers many avenues of play, including timed events. This week, 343 Industries introduced the game's first limited event called Facture: Tenrai.

From now until November 30, players can make progress on a new 30-tier battle pass, with the ultimate goal of unlocking a complete set of Yoroi Armor. The Tenrai battle pass is free, and although it isn't here for long, 343 Industries states that it will return at future dates, starting again in January. All progress made on the battle pass now will carry over when it returns.

Most unlocks on this new battle pass come after gaining experience by completing challenges in the limited-time game mode: Fiesta. This 4-versus-4 skirmish gives random weapons to every player each time they spawn. Rockets, swords, and sniper rifles are all a part of the mix.

On top of this event, 343 Industries has set 10 a.m. PT as the weekly date that Halo Infinite's shop is restocked with new gear. This week, players can purchase the Chonmage Armor set (for 2,000 credits, which is roughly $17.99). Along with the samurai-like armor, this bundle includes the Thorn Diver legendary stance, Sundown Smile epic armor coating, and the Chonmage epic helmet.

Other items in the shop include the Sentinel's Blade legendary utility, which comes with the Sentinel epic nameplate and emblem. If you want your weapons to have a little more style, the Shinobi Wrap decal is available, and gives your weapon a lilac-steel color, along with a Shinobi wrap model and a Shuriken charm. The last item available this week is the Six Date Loyalty bundle, consisting of the Noble Loyalty epic armor coating and two sixth gate shoulder pads. You can see all of the offers below:

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