Thursday, June 18, 2020

EA Play Live 2020: Everything Announced and Revealed

EA Play Live 2020 is EA's chance to show off all of its upcoming games to the world, and we are here to recap each and every announcement. Follow along below and read and watch all the exciting news out of EA.

Apex Legends is Headed to Switch and Steam with Full Cross-Play

[ignvideo url=""] Apex Legends will be headed to Steam and Nintendo Switch later this fall, alongside full cross-play with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Respawn Entertainment explained Lost Treasures, the the latest collection event headed to Apex Legends arriving on June 23, 2020. It will see the return of Armed and Dangerous: Evolved, the limited mode that only allows snipers and shotguns. It will also introduce a mobile respawn beacon, that each player starts with. Be careful, however, because the respawn stations across the map will be gone. One with start. New town take over, A new area, Crypto's Map Room, will give players a new look at what motivates Crypto. There will also be exclusive content and cosmetics that can be earned by completing challenges.

The Sims 4 is Now Available on Steam

[ignvideo url=""] EA announced that The Sims 4 base game and packs are now available on Steam.

Hazelight's Josef Fares Announces It Takes Two

Hazelight's Josef Fares announced It Takes Two, the studio's next game following Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and A Way Out. It is co-op action-adventure platformer that will "blow your f**king mind away" It Takes Two follows a child whose parents are divorcing. To cope, she creates imaginary versions of them who must work together to make it through the story. It Takes Two is scheduled to be released in 2021.

Zoink Games Announces Lost in Random

[ignvideo url=""] The studio behind Fe, Zoink Games, announced Lost in Random, a game that takes place in the world of Random, a "dark kingdom where every citizen's future is determined by a roll of a dice. In 2021, Follow the tale of Even and her sidekick Dicey to "play the odds and break the curse."

Rocket Arena, the 3v3 Rocket Game, Gets a New Trailer and Will Be Released on July 14

[ignvideo url=""]

Star Wars Squadrons Gameplay Reveal

[ignvideo url=""] EA Motive revealed gameplay of its upcoming game, Star Wars Squadrons, a game that takes place after Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi. Featuring both single-player and multiplayer, Star Wars Squadrons aims to be the greatest Star Wars pilot game ever. The campaign will have players assuming the role of both a New Republic pilot and Imperial fighter pilot as part of the Vanguard and Titan Squadrons, respectively. Multiplayer will include modes like Dogfight, an all-out 5v5 battle and the signature mode, Fleet Battles. Fleet Battles features multiple phases that begins in a social hub that allows for strategic planning. Then, players will enter a battle that takes place over three phases. Star Wars Squadrons will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 2, 2020, with full cross-play and VR Support for PS4 and PC. Oh, and there are no microtransactions.

EA Sports Montage Trailer: Madden 21 and FIFA 21

[ignvideo url=""] EA Sports gave fans a look at Madden 21 and FIFA 21 in action.

Dragon Age, Battlefield, and Need for Speed, EA Motive Project Next-Gen Tech Teasers

[ignvideo url=""] EA gave viewers around the world a glimpse of what such games as Dragon Age, Battlefield, Need for Speed, and a new project by EA Motive will look like running on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and high-end PCs.

Untitled Skate Game Reveal

Cuz Parry and Deran Chung announced that a new Skate game is "really early" in development. Skate 3 was released in 2010 and fans have been clamoring for a new entry. It appears they will get their wish! Developing...


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