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Everything We Know About Resident Evil 3 (So Far)

The Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Remake was officially revealed in an announcement trailer during the PlayStation State of Play on December 10. While this was our first official look at the next remake coming to Capcom’s survival horror series, rumors and leaks of the game arrived beforehand. YouTube creator SpawnWave was the source of Resident Evil 3 rumors in late November and then an update to the PlayStation Network gave us our first peek at Resident Evil 3 cover art. None the less, when Capcom finally announced RE:3, the developer still gave us plenty of new information to catch up on. From gameplay to character redesigns, here's everything we know about Resident Evil 3: Nemesis so far.

Trailers and Story

So far two trailers have come out for Resident Evil 3: The Resident Evil 3 announcement trailer and the Special Developer Message video, which we discuss more thoroughly in the gameplay and character redesign sections of this article found below. [ignvideo url=""] The announcement trailer features protagonist Jill Valentine as she’s pursued by Resident Evil 3's infamous antagonist Nemesis. Created to eliminate members of the Special Tactics And Rescue Service team, more commonly referred to as STARS, Nemesis seems to be making his return in the remake as the creepy mutant stalker that will make you crap your pants. A cameo by UBCS (also known as Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service) member Mikhail Victor is shown, followed by fellow STARS member Brad Vickers. Additional UBCS members Nikolai Zinoviev and Carlos Oliveria also make an appearance in the trailer. [ignvideo url=""] A clip of Jill muttering, “Ugh, my head...” over a running sink along with a few quick flashes of her resembling a decaying zombie is shown near the end, as well.


In an interview with Official PlayStation Magazine UK, Capcom producer Peter Fabian confirmed Resident Evil 3 does not have a Mercenaries Mode. Instead, it will include an online multiplayer called Resident Evil Resistance.

Resident Evil Resistance

Previously announced as Project Resistance, Resident Evil Resistance is a team-based survival horror mode where four survivors face against one "Mastermind". The Mastermind watches and places dangerous obstacles from a control room as the players try to escape the from the map before time runs out. Survivors have skills such as healing, hacking, defense moves, and attacks that they can use to increase their chances of escape. Masterminds also have a few tricks up their sleeve, having the ability to summon zombies, bioweapons, and other mutated creatures based in their background and expertise. Read our Project Resistance hands on for our impressions about early gameplay.

When Does Resident Evil 3 Take Place?

According to Capcom producer Peter Fabiano, Resident Evil 3 takes place before and after RE:2 Remake. "While Leon and Claire’s stories occur after the city has already been infected for some time, Jill’s story provides a new perspective." Fabiano explained in a PlayStation Blog. "Starting with the early days of the outbreak, you’ll follow Jill’s fight for survival as the population of the once-lively metropolis turns into hordes of undead."


[ignvideo url=""] Resident Evil 3 gameplay was first revealed in a video titled Special Developer Message where Capcom producers Peter Fabiano and Masachika Kawata talk through footage of the game. Featuring a redesigned Jill Valentine in an over-the-shoulder view, the gameplay shows her walking through a ravaged Raccoon City. Citizens run frantically by as Jill emerges from an abandoned building saying to herself, “More survivors. We gotta get that train moving.” [ignvideo url="] She then encounters her first zombie, taking it down swiftly with two shots to the chest. Unlike the original, Capcom producer Peter Fabiano confirmed that Resident Evil 3 will not have multiple endings.

Resident Evil 3 Character Redesigns

Most of the character designs in Resident Evil 3 have been updated from their original version. [ignvideo url=""]

Jill Valentine

Producers Peter Fabiano and Masachika Kawata explained in their Special Developer Message video that they were happy with how Jill Valentine’s new design came out and that it reflected the Resident Evil 3 remake’s lean towards action. [ignvideo url="]

Carlos Oliveria

Carlos Oliveira has been changed to look more “rough around the edges”. The producers said they recreated Carlos with the dire setting of Resident Evil 3 in mind, and the idea that he would be “a reliable ally that Jill could lean on”. Producer Peter Fabiano also confirmed that Carlos will be a playable character and "have his own interesting section to play through" in RE3.


Nemesis also received a hefty design change, getting a nose and some very long teeth in the process. The producers said that he will have “more ways than Tyrant from Resident Evil 2 to track down his target Jill Valentine”. Scary! His more realistic appearance was achieved with the use of a technique called photogrammetry, where the developers created a real-life model of Nemesis and scanned it into the game. In an interview with Official PlayStation Magazine, producer Peter Fabiano talked about what the developers have done to make Nemesis even more terrifying. Nemesis will feature smarter AI, akin to that of Tyrant in RE2, and will have the ability to freely roam about Raccoon City. He can also use weapons, making him a threat that can harm you from distance.

RE2 Remake Achievement Links to RE3

A new achievement called Chasing Jill was added to Resident Evil 2 Remake. The description for this achievement reads, "Read a letter left behind by Jill", hinting at an in-game link to Resident Evil 3.

Where Can I Pre-Order the Resident Evil 3?

Resident Evil 3 Remake pre-orders are currently available at a variety of retailers including GameStop, Best Buy, the PlayStation Store.

What Does the Resident Evil 3 Collector’s Edition Come With?

RE3collectors Available exclusively at GameStop, the Resident Evil 3 Collector’s Edition includes:
  • Resident Evil 3 game
  • Jill Valentine figurine
  • Double-sided Raccoon City poster
  • Project: N and Project: R art book
  • Voucher for Resident Evil 3 and Resident Evil Resistance soundtracks

When Does Resident Evil 3 Come Out?

The release date for Resident Evil 3 is April 3, 2020. It will be available for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. What are you most excited for in the RE3 remake? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to catch up on everything you may have missed in the excellent Resident Evil 2 remake, which was a runner-up for our Game of the Year award. [poilib element="accentDivider"]


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