Thursday, January 30, 2020

Apex Legends Season 4 Trailer: All the Hidden Lore You May Have Missed

Apex Legends dropped their new Season 4 Assimilation trailer today and there is a lot to go over. We finally get a look into Revenant’s backstory, though it’s a very brief look, and we really get to dig deeper into the lore of Titanfall and Apex to uncover why Revenant is causing so much chaos and what he is.

I’m going to be breaking down the trailer bit by bit, so bear with me while I piece things together. At the beginning of the trailer, we see human Revenant scrolling past several images on a screen and we can catch glimpses of the other robots that Hammond has been working on, like the Spectres. What comes up next is a picture of a Titanfall 2 pilot named Ash who is a Simulacrum pilot. Simulacra are digital copies of a person’s memories, knowledge, and personality. Back in the Titanfall games, it wasn’t really revealed how these Simulacra were made, but the reason for their invention was to preserve a pilot whose physical body had been destroyed. These copies were then downloaded into robotic bodies, to continue using them to live on and fight. Ash was an elite pilot hired by Kuban Blisk, who led the mercenary group Apex Predators. [ignvideo url=""] This connection is relevant to Revenant as he gets an alert for his next target, which lets us assume that he’s working as a mercenary as well. His target, Marcos Andrade, is a Portuguese con-man and thief for hire. This doesn’t seem super important but Marcos and his wife give their daughter a gift of a silver wolf. We’ll come back to that in a minute. As soon as Revenant crashes the scene of the family dinner, we see his incredible abilities including one that allows him to shift into a “shadow form”, similar to the one we were able to experience in Apex’s   Fight or Fright event. If Revenant is the next Legend to drop for Season 4, we might have seen a few his abilities from playing in the Fight or Fright event. Players who were killed during this mode came back as “shadows” who had the ability to run faster, climb walls without boundaries, and had a melee ability that dealt increased damage. Reddit user DaVionRainesApex put together a poster of what appears to be leaked abilities for Revenant. Two different sets of tactical, passive, and ultimate abilities are shown because data-miners found he could have two “Stances” for when he’s in his normal form and when he transforms into his shadow form. This is all speculation, of course,  and we’ll find out more about his abilities when Season 4 drops, but it’s an interesting thing to keep an eye on. Back to the trailer, where we see Revenant take out Marcos and walk by a mirrored wall, seeing his reflection as his prior human self and where a glass shard has embedded itself in his neck. As he pulls it out, something trips in his programming and appears to trigger a malfunction, because  his vision of himself now shows him his true self: a Simulacrum soldier. He starts to panic and lose control of his emotions: betrayal, anger, despair. He was clearly not aware that he was a copy,and maybe had even been copied without his permission. The logo branding on his hand reveals Hammond Robotics, the company responsible for what he’s become. It’s time for revenge. [widget path="global/article/imagegallery" parameters="albumSlug=where-to-find-forges-steel-cut-commemorative-charm-in-apex-legends&captions=true"] So, why would  Hammond replicate Revenant as a Simulacrum without his permission? The Apex Twitter account said that  “Revenant was once the greatest hitman the Syndicate ever had” which implies that maybe the Syndicate commissioned to have Revenant revived if he ever fell, since he was too good at his job. The trailer ends on a powerful close-up shot of Marcos’ daughter looking angrily over her father’s body. And this is where we return to that scene where she was handed that silver wolf. Wolf in Portuguese translates to “Lobo” but the female version of the word is “Loba.” If this name sounds familiar to you, Loba is the name of a legend who was data-mined back when Apex had launched. This trailer  backs up the theory that Marcos’ daughter will be a future Legend to come to Apex to seek revenge, years after losing her family. So this story trailer could actually take place in the past when Revenant first discovered who he really was and when Loba was just a child.

Assuming Revenant is the next Legend coming to the game, it would make sense for Loba to debut in the next half of the season. Respawn announced there would be a mid-season split between the World’s Edge map and King’s Canyon, but players originally suspected Forge would be coming back somehow. It would, however, make more sense in the story if Loba heard of Revenant’s appearance and decided to take matters into her own hands and drop into the Games herself to take him out. This is all just a theory I’m working on, but it would make for a killer Season 4.

How do you feel about this new story trailer? Do you think Loba will be the next Legend to come into the Apex Games halfway through the season? What are your theories? Let us know in the comments. [ignvideo width=610 height=374 url=] [poilib element="accentDivider"]


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